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the project

Spread Art is non-profit community incubator that fosters creativity by providing affordable, accessible and inclusive space that creates opportunities through collaborations with artists, musicians, curators, innovators as well as Detroit community members and organizers. 

Spread Art serves as a place for Detroit to experiment with ideas, concepts and realizations without the fear of failure. Spread Art facilitates workshops, community meeting/gathering space, multidisciplinary art exhibitions, music, dance and performance events- all that push creative boundaries, incorporate education, technology, and invite public participation all while exploring relevant social themes. 

Spread Art from July 2017-August 2019 provided the 3 bedrooms in our residency apartment to a total of 6 local Detroit artists who were low to no income. This program grew to be unsustainable for our artists in residence and unfunded organization so we thought it might be more practical for the communities who use the space to convert the rooms in the apartment into more artists studios, especially during this time when affordable studio space in Detroit is becoming sparse.

By doing this, we realized that these updates would open the opportunity for a communal living room and kitchen for our community. This would allow those who utilize the space to have a space to eat, co-work and meet. Many of the events we host involve a cross pollination of the arts which sometimes even includes culinary arts. Having access to a kitchen will make it easier for the culinary artists who serve at our music and art events space to prep and heat their their food.  

This conversion of the apartment would also make it possible to install utility sinks for the artists on the second floor who currently have to go to the ground floor to access our public restrooms to wash the brushes. 

While brainstorming on how to make the apartment more accessible to the creative communities that frequent Spread Art, we figured it would also be a great time to: ensure that all our studios have safe electrical outlets and light switches, repair our kitchen ceiling which was damaged from a previous leak, and to prevent the upstairs bathroom from leaking into the AV booth below.

These improvements will be crucial to our sustainability, providing communal opportunities, and ensuring the safety of the many communities who utilize Spread Art to develop and experiment with their creative practices in hopes of supporting their own and their community's economies and cultural capital. 

the steps

We are hoping to launch the new studios and communal spaces by the new year! 
To be able to do so:

1. 5 outlets installed in the pre-existing 5 studios above our gallery so that the artists won't have to rely on extension cables. 
2. Installing light switches since currently the artists have to go downstairs to access the breaker closet to turn on and off studio lights. 
3. Removing washer and dryer in laundry room and installing utility sinks for the 8 studio artists upstairs.
4. Insulating and drywalling future utility sink room/former laundry room.
5. Repair upstairs toilet that is leaking into itself as well as repair shower plumbing that causes leaks onto our AV booth below the bathroom.
6. Replace bathroom vinyl floor tiles.
6. Installing new studio doors and locks.
7. Repairing kitchen ceiling that caved in from a former leak.

why we're doing it

Spaces like Spread Art are becoming few in Detroit and it is important that we maintain this freeform cultural entity for the community to be able to continue to experiment with new ideas, support eachother and gather.

Spread Art's programming is entirely curated by the Detroit community and without them, we would be just another empty building. Within a 12 month period, we host up to 80 events, all proposed and organized by different creative communities from around the city. This has proven the clear need for accessible, affordable space that serves the ever creative energy this city generates.

Our programming is curated by people from all corners of Detroit and we are proud to offer them opportunities not only to hold space for their aspirations, but also to support their own economies. Spread Art serves creatives at all different points in their careers, whether they are just starting out or are nationally or even internationally renown.

The need for our space is known. Now, we just want to make sure it is safe and actually accessible to the artists we strive to serve. Launching these studios, common area and kitchen will really boost our morale, allow our many communities to connect better and motivate us to tackle other repairs needed to better secure our building for everyone!


$3000 Electrical updates for studios- installing and ensuring safe electical outlets so artists do not have to use extention cables, installing light switches so artists do not need to access light from the breaker boxes. 
$500 Utility Sink Installation
$500 Shower head Leak and Leaking Toilet Plumbing- This bathroom is above our theatres AV booth and these leaks threaten our equipment on the daily
$500 Fix Communal Kitchen Ceiling
$500 Change doors and put locks for Studios 


ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $156
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $5,191




We made our goal by our deadline of January 1st! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us begin this long process of bettering our space for everyone who utilizes and frequents it.
We have not closed the fundraiser as we still qualify for over $10,000 in matching dollars. Given we have never received capital improvement funding for our very old building and how much work is ahead of us, we just didn't have the heart to give up on the opportunity to have your contributions mean double. Remember a $5 donation is actually $10, $10 is $20, $25 is $50, $50 is $100 etc!!
We will not be promoting the campaign as intensely as we were before the deadline but we encourage those who would like to continue to help our cause, to spread the word!

Spread Art Fundraiser this Thursday! Comedy, Dance, Music


Enjoy this lineup of comedy, dance, and music, at Spread Art Thursday December 19, 2019 and in turn help us with this crowdfunding campaign to help towards building repairs that will make the space more accessible to the communities that frequent Spread Art!

Admission is by donation to our Ioby campaign either ahead of or at the event!
All donations are matched immediately up to $1000
If you have donated already, you have your ticket! 

Snacks and refreshments
50/50 Raffle, 2nd prize membership to Detroit Historical Museum

Spread Art Fundraiser: Comedy, Dance, Music

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THANK YOU! and Potluck on Giving Tuesday!

We are so appreciative of your donations of all sizes! It's remarkable seeing the match instantly applied to the donations and its been helping us feel like this can be possible. We are going to start actively spreading the word about this campaign starting Monday so stay tuned and help us spread the word so we can spread the art! 

Also! Potluck this Tuesday for Giving Tuesday! 

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