Our team of movers and doers are the folks behind the scenes that are helping bring to life our movement of positive civic change. Click the portraits below to learn more about our team and to reach out to us via email. We love what we do, and we'd love to hear your questions and ideas!

Have a question but not sure who can get you the best answer? Send an email to hello@ioby.org and we'd be happy to help. 

ioby Staff

Leadership team

Erin Barnes

Brandon Whitney

Lindsey Saldivar​

Jennifer Allen

Christina Webb

Ken Nadolski

Autumn Smoot



Leader Success Team 

Christina Webb

Dominique Williams

Farrah Lafontant

Kelsey Odom

City Action Team

Jennifer Allen

Chris Jones

Dawn Arrington

Joe Rashid

Miriam Parson

Brooke Harris

Partnerships Team

Ethany Uttech


Finance Team

Autumn Smoot


Community and Marketing Team

Lindsey Saldivar​

Noah Lumbantobing

Dana Schneider


Product Team

David Palmer


Growth Team

Ken Nadolski

Dana Schneider

David Weinberger



ioby Board of Directors



Past Board Members

Brandi Colander, White House Council on Environmental Quality

Emily Enderle, Earthjustice

Dr. Lourdes Hernández-Cordero
, Associate Director, Columbia Center for Youth Violence Prevention

Irene Nielson, Climate Change Coordinator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Dr. Cameron Tonkinwise, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design

Arif Ullah, 
Director of Neighborhood Resources, Citizens Committee for New York City

Bethany Wall, 
Nonprofit Development and Strategy Consultant

Karen Washington, Urban Farmer and Urban Farming Activist


ioby's Action Corps

Our new Action Corps program is an awesome network of experts who want to help ioby Leaders be successful in making positive change in our neighborhoods. They're here to offer advice, support, and resources to help you implement your project. Experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning all kinds of things, from collaborating with city agencies, to grantwriting, to communications and PR, to painting and welding. They're ready for action and they want to help! Visit ioby.org/ActionCorps for more information or to speak with an expert.