Birds Dance for Queens

Birds Dance for Queens

Multidisciplinary dance, music, storytelling, workshop, exhibition handmade costumes made with recycled materials. Bird walk environmental awareness. Open space.

NEEDS: $7,045 of 7,045

The Healthy Hair Movement

Empower your natural beauty with TheHealthy Hair Movement—“Growing Confidence, One Strand at a Time”

NEEDS: $20,308 of 20,408

AfriFest Cincy: Taste of Africa

Support AfriFest, the Ultimate African Cultural Experience at Sawyer Point - Cincinnati's heart, celebrating diversity, unity, and joy.

NEEDS: $4,167 of 4,167 + Volunteers

This Land Was Made For You and Me

From soil to society, redefining land ownership, use, and tenure of, by, and for the people.

NEEDS: $738,636 of 738,636 + Volunteers


Spaces byUS addressing urban PTSD byUS 

NEEDS: $444 of 4,444 + Volunteers

Samhati - Durga Puja 2024 & Miss Jojo's travel to USA

SAMHATI is a platform for local talents from diverse groups to showcase their talent through art, singing, dancing, recital, drama. We try to make these activities as a platform for diverse community of NWA.

NEEDS: $22,360 of 31,224

Cleveland Flag Project

We are a group of passionate Clevelanders with a mission to create a new city flag that captures the essence and pride of modern day Cleveland through the engagement and participation of our community.

NEEDS: $24,417 of 26,042 + Volunteers

NatureSTEAM Summer Scholarships

For many children, a summer camp experience remains a dream ​due to financial limitations.
You can unlock an unforgettable summer for a deserving child

NEEDS: $5,000 of 5,000 + Volunteers

Cleveland Musician's Community Health Resources Fund

Help Us Build Support for Cleveland Musicians' Health and Human Resource Services!

Health conditions and deaths are on the rise among Cleveland Ohio creatives, but together we can make meaningful change.

NEEDS: $2,858 of 5,173
3rd Annual 2023 Flyer and Collaboration

Youth Self Care Day

Empower youth, Nurture minds.... Support Our Youth Self Care Day






NEEDS: $8,391 of 8,731 + Volunteers

Women in Film

Support a creative team full of up-and-coming artists of color and women located in NY and Guatemala City, as they explore and expose topics of self harm and abuse.

NEEDS: $3,362 of 6,667

Commission The Collaborators!

This project will encompass all aspects of the arts with an event held and created by inspiring artists, creators and designers that thrive to showcase their individual talents and all come together and collaborate.

NEEDS: $13,413 of 13,413 + Volunteers

Offline Kid Time Community Events

Children can get inspired, be creative and keep moving during our Community Events that will service our local communities.  

NEEDS: $18,708 of 20,408
Old Norwood - The Bronx Mural

Let's Repaint the Norwood Mural!

Help me get the funds to repaint the iconic mural I created for Norwood in 2018. With this money, I will create a participatory process to design a new mural and will paint it with the help of volunteers.

NEEDS: $3,613 of 6,667 + Volunteers

Help Us Get Moving

Raising money to purchase wheelchair accessible transportation to support the physicially disabled.

NEEDS: $56,818 of 56,818

Brunchella--A Women's Empowerment Experience

Empower a woman, uplift a community: Join us in making Brunchella 2024 a beacon of inspiration and empowerment for 400 women ready to change the world.

NEEDS: $29,159 of 31,159
The Midnight Special Experience

The Midnight Special Experience

A curated entertaining experience with a collection of photographs, compelling stories, and an award-winning documentary film to offer an intimate look into the extraordinary life of American music icon Lead Belly.

NEEDS: $30,462 of 30,612

Raising Funds for a Greener EV LOVES NYC

Providing 150,000 hot meals per year to food insecure New Yorkers comes at a cost of 2,060 pounds of plastic waste each year from disposable cutlery.

NEEDS: $5,180 of 12,245

Brooklyn Street Trees to the Rescue!

Help protect our street trees and they'll provide energy savings, reduce pollution, retain stormwater, and enhance community health, all of which should be a right, not a privilege!

NEEDS: $5,021 of 8,371 + Volunteers

The Playground Collective

Empowering parents and caregivers to keep playgrounds fun and safe for kids by creating powerful micro communities

NEEDS: $5,556 of 5,556

The Queens Film Club

Queens Filmmakers Unite: Join us as we premier 'What's Inside' along with other films by local queens filmmakers

NEEDS: $6,667 of 6,667
High school students looking at art at Hope Beyond Boundaries

Hope Beyond Boundaries

Explore the Past, Ignite the Present, and Weave a Brighter Future Together


NEEDS: $6,738 of 15,306 + Volunteers

Trails of Love

Blessing families and spreading love during the holidays

NEEDS: $10,916 of 15,306 + Volunteers

Let's Keep Charlton Plaza Beautiful

Charlton Plaza, at the northwest corner of Charlton and Sixth, is a gem in our neighborhood. We are seeking your financial support to fill it with flowers this spring, summer and fall.

NEEDS: $755 of 12,755 + Volunteers

DJ Beats for Tomorrow’s Stars

“Empower Cleveland’s youth with ‘DJ Beats for Tomorrow’s Stars,’ fostering creativity and potential careers in music through an after-school summer program.” 

NEEDS: $2,657 of 7,163 + Volunteers

Dancing Earth's Bay Area Eco Artivism Program

An arts leadership program engaging community using the transformational power of multidisciplinary arts & movement as a means of building collective liberation and care for the Earth and all beings.


NEEDS: $9,654 of 11,364

Deep Resonance Community

Help Trillium expand on its mission to redefine the live music experience to invite connection and build community with your donation today!

NEEDS: $5,226 of 10,000
Students working together under the guidance of the science and arts professionals within the Renaissance Box residency program.

Renaissance Box Residency Program

Renaissance Box is a city-wide interdisciplinary residency program that brings professionals in the arts and sciences together with high school students for an immersive STEAM experience. 

NEEDS: $16,217 of 17,577


Culinary tourism guides curated by local chefs.

NEEDS: $11,417 of 12,467 + Volunteers

Money Management Workshop

Effective money management is crucial for achieving financial well-being, reducing financial stress, and building a secure financial future.

NEEDS: $5,521 of 5,561

Girls on the Run Out-of-the-Box Luncheon

GOTR NWA Out-of-the-Box Luncheon is an event that will leave you feeling uplifted & inspired. By attending this event, you are making a positive impact on the lives of young girls in our community

NEEDS: $1,526 of 15,306 + Volunteers
Visit to The Amazeum

Plant a Seed of Hope In Our Back Yard

Help sponsor 60 underserved kids to 8 weeks of Summer Camp at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center. Educational field trips, bowling, roller skating, movies and swimming. 

NEEDS: $2,155 of 17,653


Culture.CLE unites Clevelanders to learn about ethnic foods and our immigrant community through curated dining experiences at immigrant owned/operated restaurants. Fund us to accelerate our social change work.

NEEDS: $5,208 of 5,208

AI versus Artists

Building a platform to help Artists use AI to create digital content and make a living.

NEEDS: $5,383 of 5,398 + Volunteers