Vocal Mentoring Program

A mentorship program that works with youth through song and conversations. Students will receive vocal lessons from professional vocalist, who will also mentor the students through conversations about life experiences.

NEEDS: $1,070 of 1,070

K-9 For My Classroom

Therapy dog for a Lorain City Schools elementary building

NEEDS: $4,073 of 4,313
Off Da Block Logo

Off Da Block: Creating Global Citizens

Off Da Block is an educational travel program designed to give middle school students the confidence to be able to explore the world not only known to them but the world unknown to them. 

NEEDS: $5,092 of 5,092

TimeBanking Outdoors!

TimeBank members help each other get active in and around Southwest Detroit

NEEDS: $3,810 of 4,000 + Volunteers

STooPS Bed Stuy

Join us in celebrating art as a cultural asset and making it available to anyone who is interested!

NEEDS: $5,000 of 5,000 + Volunteers

Acts of Light: Community Safety Project

Turn the threat of cross-fire gun violence into acts of light with a wooden fence of embedded glass beads that obstruct the line of sight, changing the narrative to community empowerment in Cleveland, Ohio

NEEDS: $498 of 2,538 + Volunteers
Central Harlem Compost Project Site

Central Harlem Compost Site, 2.0

Help Malcolm X Blvd Beautification and Shugah Baybees transform kitchen scraps into soil-enriching compost and nourish Mother Earth with everyday trash! Let's take it to the next stage!

NEEDS: $6,367 of 6,417
Sound therapy at the farm

Harvest To Heal Phase 1

Workin' Roots is an urban community farm working to heal the intergenerational trauma in the BIPOC community surrounding farming, land stewardship and food insecurity.

NEEDS: $10,000 of 10,000

Juneteenth: A Commemoration

LIFENFLUX LLC & BLAKK JAKK DANCE COLLECTIVE LLC presents, "Juneteenth: A Commemoration," Celebrating freedom, culture, history and enjoy live performances, music, dance, food, drinks, and fun.

NEEDS: $13,402 of 13,402 + Volunteers

Urban Food Community Market

Summer events featuring the Good Life Garden starting with the BK Cumbia Festival that feature art, music and showcase farming, food justice and feature food by street vendors.

NEEDS: $6,102 of 10,152

Community Cares Baby Shower

Bringing our community together, one baby at a time.


Create a supportive environment for families, celebrate the miracle of new life, build a stronger, more connected community.

NEEDS: $5,157 of 7,577 + Volunteers
Digital technology helps create powerful content!


Please donate to help Reroot Pontiac create more digital content, for online and on-site purposes, that will draw more attention to the awesomeness of the natural world through interactive environments!

NEEDS: $10,246 of 10,246 + Volunteers


Portraits of Military figures of Lorain County: an effort to capture a small visual collection for a memorial salute to Military Veterans of our day

NEEDS: $2,690 of 2,790 + Volunteers

Off the Mic

Off the Mic, maintains the legacy of poetry, in Detroit, by creating opportunities for community engagement and artist development while reinforcing the culture of storytelling.

NEEDS: $3,748 of 4,278
The second heART of Cleveland book will look similiar

heART of Cleveland 2 book

A celebration of the diverse artists and their art inspired by the great city of Cleveland. 

NEEDS: $5,287 of 6,667

AfriFest Cincy: Taste of Africa

Come out to celebrate the Taste of Africa. This event will bring our community together to showcase variety of African cultures, food, vendors, entertainment, fashion show, games, and other fun activities.

NEEDS: $9,216 of 12,216 + Volunteers

17th Foundation Fashion and Art Show!

Campers will learn the about entrepreneurship through a Fashion & Art! At the end of the summer, campers will work together & host an entire Showcase!

NEEDS: $6,041 of 6,091 + Volunteers
Rowing the quad on the Harlem River

Community Rowing on the Harlem River

Rowing builds strength, coordination, teamwork, and camaraderie, on the quiet water instead of in the chaos of the city. We offer this for free to adults; will you support us to keep going?

NEEDS: $12,823 of 13,823
We are family

Help us keep the kids off the streets

 A non-For Profit 501c3 program called the Bridgeport Ballerz which offers kids access to a free travel basketball team, mentorship, and tutoring, is now seeking funding. 


NEEDS: $7,526 of 7,526
Open Streets Launch Flyer

Jamrock Jerk 141st St Open Streets

We’re on a mission to curate an open streets public space initiative open to all and featuring unique experiences and ways for our neighbors to enjoy the outdoors and city streets.

NEEDS: $31,479 of 31,479 + Volunteers


Presenting the Fashion Brands & Designs through the Arts & Juneteenth Global Freedom Celebration of Asiatic, African, & American Fashion Designers 

NEEDS: $800,000 of 800,000 + Volunteers

Champions of the Lost Causes podcast summer road trip

Champions of the Lost Causes podcast host Marvin Stockwell, his daughter V, and his son Cormac will crisscross America for 5 weeks this summer to document stories of people changing the world by championing causes.

NEEDS: $9,708 of 15,625

Improved Open Streets For All!

This BedStuy block is improving its Saturday Open Street Program. With funding, we will be able to provide ease of access during Open Streets hours, programming and block beautification.

NEEDS: $12,000 of 12,000

Homecoming: Three Black Women Creatives Return to the Land

Three Black Women Creatives--Poets Kelly Harris-DeBerry and Teri Ellen Cross-Davis, and composer Janice Lowe--Return to the Land in honor of the City of Cleveland Commission on Black Women and Girls.

NEEDS: $17,931 of 18,431 + Volunteers
Friends of Gulick Park

Friends of Gulick Park Fall Pumpkin Painting Celebration

We are organizing our favorite annual fall event that will include Pumpkin Painting art project, an exercise/movement component, a wildly popular face painting activity, and spring bulb planting.

NEEDS: $1,049 of 1,599 + Volunteers

Squirrel's Nest DGC at Oakwood Park

 A disc golf course in Oakwood Park would benefit the surrounding community by increasing and enhancing recreational opportunities, park safety and conservation goals.

NEEDS: $6,886 of 8,086 + Volunteers

Sacramento Poderosas Mural Project

The project honors the lives and work of 9 women Trailblazers in order to inspire upcoming generations using the mural to tell their stories. Our fundraising efforts are grounded in Race, Equity, and Social Justice.

NEEDS: $9,303 of 12,513
Some of our beautiful volunteers

Ujamaa Bronx Community Garden

Ujamaa Garden is a self-sustaining food garden in a food desert in the Northeast Bronx, our project is rooted in Black love and liberation. 

NEEDS: $6,842 of 10,152

Changing Faces

Teaching Youth The Art Of Face Painting!

NEEDS: $6,417 of 6,417

Kidz N Cameras Studio & Community Center

Unlock the Power of Photography for All Young People: Donate to Kidz N Cameras Community Center and Give Kids a Free Space to Create and Explore Their Creativity.

NEEDS: $22,607 of 30,457 + Volunteers

Electronic Music Classes for Kids!

FREE Electronic Music Classes for 0-4 year olds, and 4-8 year olds, are possible with YOUR HELP!

JAM OUT in Joyce Kilmer Park starting Summer 2023!


NEEDS: $1,059 of 6,091 + Volunteers
Three costumed performers on a stage.

Fall Phantasm: Year Three

Marquette Fringe is raising funds to bring back the next Fall Phantasm: Festival of Myth and Fire. Funds will go towards local artists, event production, and maintaining a free event for the community. 

NEEDS: $2,375 of 5,155

Run Away with Crooked River Circus & School

Experience the thrill and joy of the circus right in your backyard with Crooked River Circus & School. Help us bring an amazing outdoor circus show to community spaces this summer for all to enjoy. 

NEEDS: $1,326 of 5,076

Hearing Across Cultures

Fashion and Art Show: "Hearing Across Cultures" . Celebration of and embracing the deaf and hard of hearing community.

NEEDS: $27,122 of 27,174 + Volunteers

NWBR: Our Facility's Future

Help us save lives through the creation of a public wild avian rehabilitation facility. Be somebirdy's hero today. 

NEEDS: $17,377 of 30,457
Snap Peas

Community Table

Windham Community Food Network is fundraising for our food pantry program: redistributing food from within our community to others through partnerships with individuals, community gardens, farms, and agencies.

NEEDS: $4,845 of 5,155 + Volunteers


 We’re looking forward to buying a pricey, privilege gadget for the underprivileged youth throughout central harlem and bringing it to Holcombe Rucker Park this summer of 2023.

NEEDS: $5,635 of 5,635