Cleveland Motor City Magic Oldies Revue Concert #14

A Motown Concert at the Civic April 1, 2023 featuring Las Vegas RICK JAMES TEANA MARIE tribute also NITEBRIDGE “Motown Band” and renowned Magician, MARK PRINES !

NEEDS: $32,109 of 32,609 + Volunteers

J. Hood Wright Park Dog Run

Help support repairs to one of the most utilized dog runs in Upper Manhattan; a place of real community for dogs and dog lovers in Upper Manhattan. 

NEEDS: $4,993 of 5,435

lemons to lemonade

This SMALL heart of compassion is proving you don't have to be BIG to make a HUGE impact! 

NEEDS: $25,250 of 26,904 + Volunteers

Peer Pressure Student Services

An app to connect students with student peer supporters who have lived experience of the common challenges faced while seeking a higher education

NEEDS: $10,000 of 10,000 + Volunteers
Two smiling girls wear homemade bee costumes

Upgrade Arts Impact's Studio Space

Please help us equip our newly-renovated studio space to expand arts-based learning for Cleveland's students and educators!

NEEDS: $4,106 of 5,856
Seeking Supervision Logo

Seeking Supervision

Supporting Community Health & Well-being. Reducing Waitlists. Increasing the Presence of Providers Through Centralized Access to Quality Supervision.

NEEDS: $123,000 of 123,000

Del Paso Boulevard Phantom Galleries

Open your gallery this summer, right here on Del Paso Boulevard. The return of phantom galleries allows local artist to open back up by taking over some of the Blvd's vacant storefront.  

NEEDS: $20,305 of 20,305

Diversity Sculpture for Valley Hi Community

The Peacock Sculpture, is representing BEAUTY and DIVERSITY in the Valley Hi Community on the Common Ground Covenant Church Campus. Art has the power to unite everyone no matter the race, age, or culture.

NEEDS: $27,807 of 27,807

Operation Tree Care

Help protect our street trees with tree guards.


NEEDS: $1,335 of 5,435
Young Kobe Bryant

Kobeee! Short Film

Showing at Imported Studios, and Guild Theater. Short film inspired by a true fantasy & the life of Kobe Bryant. When a new kid is told to give up his dream of basketball, he faces his inner demons .

NEEDS: $14,521 of 14,521

The Gluszek Food Drive

Help the Gluszek Food Drive support the local community through food! All proceeds will go towards buying food for to donate to food pantries and people in need. 

NEEDS: $5,435 of 5,435

South Memphis ACT Test Prep

Let's get "Back to the Basics" and prepare for the ACT. Many colleges are lifting "testing optional" admissions starting this fall. We want to help students be ready to score  BIG!!

NEEDS: $1,678 of 4,348 + Volunteers

Help Fund a New Sensory Friendly Dance Production!

Support the creation of a new Sensory Friendly Dance performance, an annual event inviting Sacramento's neurodiverse community to enjoy a live dance performance in an inclusive environment.

NEEDS: $5,051 of 8,122
The Hustle 2022

The Hustle Presents

The mission at The Hustle Presents is to create a space to teach skills and provide opportunities for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and business.

NEEDS: $88,804 of 138,804

Sacs Finest Boxing Club

Sac’s Finest Boxing Club showing love & support for the Sacramento Community with a Stong focus on feeling a Void for today’s current at-risk youth & their families.

NEEDS: $37,554 of 37,554


The 3 Point Shootout is welcoming small donations to give out prizes for youth involvement and others throughout Lorain County


NEEDS: $4,330 of 5,000 + Volunteers
Food for Thought

Food for Thought: Fact & (Science) Fictions

Food for Thought is a series of food, film, and discussion events that address the past, present and future of agricultural practice.

NEEDS: $16,807 of 30,457 + Volunteers

Nicky's Gardens of Hope: Homes for the Disabled

50,000 autistic children become adults yearly, but few will find homes. Nicky's Gardens of Hope is building new Homes in NY's Hudson valley so that they & their families can live dignified lives.

NEEDS: $40,987 of 41,237


At-risk youth program, providing a safe space for mentoring through hoop, arts, crafts and food.

NEEDS: $28,817 of 30,457 + Volunteers

YEAP Youth Program

At YEAP (Youth Elevated Achievements Program) we focus on providing an opportunity & environment conducive to the mental, physical, & spiritual health of our youth in the urban community. 

NEEDS: $40,549 of 40,609

The Dater Percolator

A student-led, adult supported coffee shop through YEP (Young Entrepreneurs Program) at Dater Montessori. The profits from the Dater Percolator will help support field studies for students at Dater Montessori.

NEEDS: $1,937 of 2,062 + Volunteers
Candid photo of four people in a sound studio, in front of computer monitors displaying music editing software


The Artist Development Center is offering psychotherapy, professional mentorship (certified peer support), and artistic development!

NEEDS: $42,524 of 42,524 + Volunteers

Young Girls Empowerment

Young Girls Empowerment provides positive, free monthly experiences to support the girls and young women of East Westwood.

NEEDS: $3,093 of 3,093 + Volunteers

Food from the Heart Part Two

To provide nutritious food pop ups that are affordable and help neighbors experiencing food insecurity through the social enterprise, Food from The Heart.

NEEDS: $2,062 of 2,062


Fighting for our youth. Always in your corner.

NEEDS: $1,481 of 32,086
Eliphalet Redington

Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project

The South Amherst Historical Society has taken on the restoration of the oldest cemetery in the village, due to its deterioration and potential loss of history.

NEEDS: $1,580 of 2,500

Mutual Aid Internship for Staten Island's Youth of Color

An opportunity to share values of interdependence, community care, reciprocal giving and teach skills in leadership, community organizing, gardening, and cooking to Staten Island's youth of color

NEEDS: $7,409 of 7,609 + Volunteers
current status

Renovation of Miguel Hidalgo Bust

To restore the bust of Miguel Hidalgo, historic plaques, create a small plaza with new trees, benches, and add a new pedestal for the bust with the help of sponsorships.

NEEDS: $9,383 of 35,533
Social justice art event in Boulder 2022

Right On!

A social justice art event to stop Asian hate.

NEEDS: $3,909 of 25,381 + Volunteers
Four people standing around a table viewing the collection

Preserve Dox Thrash's Art & Legacy

The Dox Thrash Art Project and our partner the McIntosh-Rollins Foundation are dedicated to the preservation of the Dox Thrash Collection, his former home, and the Historic Sharswood neighborhood.

NEEDS: $99,125 of 100,000 + Volunteers

Invest in Neighborhoods - 40 more years

For 40 years, Invest in Neighborhoods has empowered communities one neighborhood at a time through civic engagement and providing resources for the Community Councils.

NEEDS: $18,634 of 20,619
Toggle Labs:  Fun with Complexity

Talking with Kids About Climate Change

Help fund THINK LIKE A BATHTUB, an AR app that uses one of four key shapes of climate change -  a bathtub -  and puts climate change understanding and action directly in the hands of users. Ages 8-88

NEEDS: $5,122 of 6,522

Help The Disabled Community of Lorain County

This project is designed to give people in the community access to free assistance with applying for benefits through the Social Security Administration, specifically those who are in a medical facility. 

NEEDS: $5,400 of 5,400

Pittsburgh Prison Cat Care

Help provide care to the feral cat colony living at the abandoned Western State Penitentiary in Pittsburgh, PA.

NEEDS: $2,380 of 5,882

peace garden

My Girl Scout Gold Award project is a peace garden at my local cemetery for people to go and be close to their loved ones, to meditate, be silent and find peace.  

NEEDS: $931 of 1,031

Malcolm X Pollinator Corridor

This project aims to bring joy and pride to our community and elevate the quality of life by enhancing the natural environment for both people and pollinators one tree bed at a time!

NEEDS: $3,989 of 5,000 + Volunteers

Antigone Quartet Prize

A new, progressive, Cincinnati-based competition for all composers.

NEEDS: $10,207 of 12,717 + Volunteers