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the project

Before learning about Urban PTSD, I had no idea such a condition existed. Yet, once I understood what it was, it became painfully clear that my community was silently enduring the overwhelming stresses of living in what effectively amounts to a war zone. This revelation was profound and unsettling; I couldn't simply unlearn this and do nothing.

PTSD byUS aims to confront this silent crisis head-on by creating a dedicated safe space for those afflicted by Urban PTSD. Our vision is to host therapeutic sessions, educational workshops, and community engagement activities. With your support, we plan to transform a simple structure into a sanctuary of healing and learning. Here, individuals can find solace, support, and the resources needed to navigate and overcome the challenges of Urban PTSD.

the steps

Detailed Action Plan 

Day 1: Project Kickoff and Planning 

  • Morning: Team Meeting - Outline the project goals, review the budget, and assign responsibilities.
  • Afternoon: Schedule Planning - Develop a detailed timeline for all events and workshops over the next months, ensuring alignment with community needs and resource availability.

Day 2: Venue and Technology Arrangement 

  • Morning: Venue Confirmation - Finalize agreements for any additional venue rentals needed for larger events.
  • Afternoon: AV Equipment Check - Assess existing AV equipment and arrange rentals for additional items required.

Day 3: Material Acquisition and Facilitator Engagement

  • Morning: Workshop Materials - Purchase and organize delivery of all necessary workshop materials.
  • Afternoon: Facilitator Outreach - Contact and confirm guest speakers and workshop leaders, discussing topics, schedules, and honoraria.

Day 4: Marketing and Promotions 

  • All Day: Promotional Push - Design and order promotional materials (flyers, posters). Start a social media campaign to increase community awareness and engagement.

Day 5: Logistics and Refreshments 

  • Morning: Logistics Coordination - Arrange any necessary transportation for materials and guest speakers. Finalize logistics for upcoming events.
  • Afternoon: Refreshments Order - Place orders for refreshments to be served at events, considering dietary restrictions and preferences.

why we're doing it

Our project, PTSD byUS, directly addresses the profound yet often overlooked issue of Urban PTSD within our community. Urban PTSD emerges from prolonged exposure to urban stressors such as violence, noise, overcrowding, and the daily struggles of urban living. These stressors can lead to significant social, emotional, and economic problems, affecting individuals' ability to work, maintain relationships, and contribute positively to society.

Social Impact: Our safe space initiative seeks to heal and mitigate the effects of urban life stressors by providing a sanctuary for individuals suffering from Urban PTSD. By offering specialized therapeutic services, support groups, and educational workshops, we create a foundation for emotional and mental recovery. This supportive environment fosters community cohesion and empowers individuals to regain their sense of safety and trust, crucial elements often eroded in urban settings plagued by chronic stress and trauma.

Economic Contribution: Mental health struggles linked to PTSD can severely impact economic productivity through lost workdays and diminished work performance. By addressing and supporting mental health needs, our project not only helps individuals regain their personal strength but also contributes to the broader economic health of our community. Healthier individuals can participate more fully in the economy, reducing long-term healthcare costs and increasing overall productivity.

Environmental Enhancement: Although PTSD is primarily a social and economic issue, the environment in which individuals live can significantly affect their mental health. Our safe space is designed to be a calming, green, and healing environment amidst the urban chaos. We aim to integrate natural elements into our safe space to promote mental well-being, demonstrating the critical role of environmental conditions in combating urban mental health issues.


1.  Venue Costs: $1000

  • Details: Rental of additional spaces if the current facility cannot accommodate larger events or multiple concurrent activities. Includes possible rental fees for outdoor community events.

2. Workshop Materials: $500

  • Details: Supplies for interactive workshops including handouts, educational materials, art supplies, and other resources necessary for engaging and effective sessions.

3. Promotional Materials: $350

  • Details: Costs associated with marketing the events, such as flyers, posters, and digital advertisements to ensure community awareness and participation.

4. Technology: $400

  • Details: Rental or purchase of additional A/V equipment for presentations and workshops, including microphones, speakers, and projectors, not already available on-site.

5. Facilitator Fees: $1250

  • Details: Honoraria for guest speakers, workshop leaders, or experts who contribute to the events and workshops, enhancing the quality and diversity of the programming.

6. Refreshments: $480

  • Details: Provision of light snacks and beverages for attendees during events and workshops, making the gatherings more welcoming and comfortable.




ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $355.56
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $88.89
TOTAL TO RAISE $4,444.44
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TOTAL RAISED = $4,000.00
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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $80.00


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