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the project

As an organization, the Northwest Detroit Youth Coalition (NWDYC)  brings together community and resources to support and initiate programs and activities which enhance the positive growth and development of youth in Northwest Detroit.

  In the summer, NWDYC connects at least 50 low-income youth ages 4-16 to camp programming at low to no cost. Funds raised will allow NWDYC to support youth whose financial circumstances might not allow them to enroll in high quality, engaging programming to grow enhanced science, technology, arts, and math skills following engagement with content designed to prevent learning loss during the summer break. Camp enrollment will also support youth to stay physically active, improve their flexibility, build core strength, and instill positive character values. 


the steps

1. Advertise the camp program - May 1, 2024

2. Offer financial assistance support as an  option - May 22, 2024

3. Enroll children in camp - June 1, 2024

4. Identify families in need of tuition assistance - June 3, 2024

5. Offer support to families in need of assistance - June 5, 2024


why we're doing it

The most recent US Census for the 48219 zip code, where the majority of NWDYC families reside, indicates that 26.7% of the households live in poverty. Those ages 18 and under struggle the most with 36% living in poverty. Youth served by NWDYC fall within this subset. Thus, they need the affordable and engaging enrichment opportunities that promote health, wellness, literacy and academic achievement offered by NWDYC. Investment in NWDYC programs helps level the playing field for Detroit youth at an academic disadvantage by improving their access to literacy supports, opportunities to develop and strengthen skills to prevent violence, and increase physical activity to prepare them for success in the school year – and ultimately in life.


27 children x $150 per child = $4,050


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TOTAL TO RAISE $4,132.65
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