More than just crowdfunding. Community-led positive change.

ioby stands for “in our backyards,” but it also stands for taking care of each other, for civic participation, and for trusting neighbors to know what’s best for the neighborhood.

ioby gives local leaders the ability to crowdfund the resources they need to build real, lasting change from the ground up. Our crowdfunding platform helps connect local leaders with support and funding from their communities to make our neighborhoods more sustainable, healthier, greener, more livable, and more fun.

Three ways we're different

How we work

You're the experts on your neighborhood, we're the experts on crowdfunding.

ioby's high success rate for crowd-funded projects is rooted in a unique model of fundraising coaching. With ioby, you won't just put up a page, you'll work with our team to craft the most effective campaign whether you’re working on a $500, $5,000, or $50,000 goal.

How we work

When you crowdfund with ioby, your donors' gifts to your eligible project are always tax-deductible.

ioby is a 501(c)3 driven to help you make lasting positive change in your neighborhood. We offer fiscal sponsorship so that you can accept tax-deductible donations whether or not you are incorporated as a nonprofit.

How we work

ioby believes in the power of online and offline connections.

When you work with ioby, you’ll join a community of thousands of leaders and change-makers, and share knowledge, challenges, and experiences. You can rely on our years of experience to help craft step-by-step plans that you can follow to successfully raise resources. Our team can also connect you with experts in fields like urban planning, green infrastructure, community organizing, communications, and for help implementing your project.

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ioby believes in equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all its forms. That's why we're constantly working to make sure we are listening and improving our approach, coaching, and product to provide best-in-class services to our community. Check out our equity timeline here

Our work and broader impact are a part of ongoing research related to civic leadership and the role it plays in shaping our communities.

Meet our team

We love what we do! Get to know the passionate people who make up team ioby. Staff emails are listed in staff bios.

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