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Everyone loves to hear a good story.  Everyone does not posess the ability to read and comprehend  written word.  I remember my mother reading to me as a child challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and use my imagination. 

The ability to read allows one to live life with confidence; having the ability to inturpret the world around them on a personal and interpersonal level. Read With Me! strives to  provide clients with lifeskills to act and react to difficult real life situations clients may encounter. Read With Me! is an adult literacy reading program for enhanced cognition and memorialzation. 

Read With Me! is a commity resource  provider for adults with learning disabilities and  persons with special needs.  Counselors, habilitation specialist and home care providers work one on one with clients  in  whole group learning.  After each reading presenter, clients and staff review read materials and complete follow-up activity relevant to subject matter and sessions goals. 

We are raising funds for open, free, public workshops on the Northside in 2020. 

the steps

Allocated funds would purchase  materials and  supplies for  social and interactive programing for adults with disabilities and persons with special needs relevant to expanding life experiences, knowledge and self awarness. 

Read With Me! would like to visit the Benedum Center Saturday, June 06th
Spongebob Squarepants the Musical  in the cultural arts district, Friday July 17th
Read With Me! Summer Dance and Icecream Social 7-9:00pm on the Northshore
Friday August 17th Bingo and Game Night 7-9pm
Friday September 21st  Read With Me! End of Summer Picnic 7-9pm
Friday October 23rd No Candy Trick or Treat 7-9 pm
Friday November 20th Read With Me! Popcorn and Movie night 7-9pm

why we're doing it

Read With Me! is an adult literacy reading program for enhanced cognition and memorialzation. Read With Me! is a commity resource  provider for adults with learning disabilities and persons with special needs.


Funds will supply books and other materials to support our adult literacy workshops on the Northside in 2020. We work with New Sun Rising as our 501c3 nonprofit fiscal sponsor.

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Read With Me! Online Resources

My name is J Roger Davis, BA, psychology and counseling from Pfeiffer University.  I have a passion for literacy, literature and poetry.  I have developed a unique adult literacy online developmental reading program call ReadWithMe!  to assist adults and persons with special needs.    This video will serve as a tool for social service providers and their clients to use as a remote learning resource for students of all ages, English as a second language, enhanced cognition and memorization.    Having traveled the county for màny years with à prestigious poetry group i learned that everyone learns differently and in their own way.  Read With Me make learning fun one on one or in whole  group.


Thank You!

Read With Me!


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