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the project

With the assistance of the City of Pittsburgh Public Works Dept, The vacant space behind Zenshine Community Garden in  Riverview Park will become a fruit and berry orchard with an apiary. We have partnered with Grow Pittsburgh and Tree Pittsburgh on the project's expansion apace. Our mission for this unique is to create a beautifully serene and distinctive community area within a regional park that becomes a safe and welcoming place for community events and educational resources on beekeeping, how toos on maintaining an orchard, gardening, mindfulness, and meditation for a healthier lifestyle. The orchard and apiary space is a welcomed additional space. Like the garden and labyrinth project, this will come to fruition by the community and the 5 Points Merchants organization with much pride.

The money raised will fund the purchase of fruit trees, berry bushes, pollinating plants for the orchard, wet meadows, boxes for beekeeping, and educational classes.

the steps

Mid-Summer 2023:

  • Purchase fruit trees, berry bushes, pollinator plants, and plants for the wet meadows
  • Soil testing of the new space and preparing the ground
  • Plant in the fruit trees and berry bushes
  • Build natural stone borders for the wet meadows and pollinator plant
  • Implement programming

Early Fall 2023

  • Map out the apiary area to begin prepping
  • purchase the bee boxes for setup 

why we're doing it

When we started Zenshine Community Garden in 2022, we knew our project had found its niche. With Zenshine Community Garden being nestled inside the City of Pittsbuegh's  Riverview Park, we have changed the perception of a problematic space to a safe and welcoming place to relax and enjoy nature.

Our new space will enable us to address wet and muddy fields into beautiful wet meadows solving some of the water drainage issues in the park. Planting fruit trees and berry bushes will also absorb a lot of ground moisture and become an additional food source for the community.  Adding the apiary provides a great learning tool on how honey is made for the community.

People who hike through the park have become curious about the garden. They want to know what they can do to help or how to become a gardener. Zenshine has hosted events that have brought together many non-profit organizations interested in Riverview Park. 

In our second year, Zenshine has become instrumental in bringing people of various backgrounds together for a common goal. They enjoy gardening together, teaching their children about gardening. It solves a food issue for many. It's where people can afford to grow fresh produce in a public space without worrying about how they can get transportation to buy expensive produce outside their community. The children are excited to grow plants in the children's garden area, especially strawberries. It's a fun learning experience for them.

The changes in the new space will add even more excitement and curiosity.

Our Vision:

  • To create a beautiful, safe, and holistic space where everyone is welcomed.
  • To educate people on living a healthier lifestyle.
  • To provide communities with the tools to grow and identify plants in a park setting.
  • To bring diversity to gardening in a public space


Final budget


TOTAL RAISED = $3,663.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $58.20

Original budget

6 Berry Bushes - $420

5 Fruit trees -  $500

Soil - $1000

6 Raised Garden Beds - $2,200

3 Benches - $550

Youth Ambassadors Program - $1000

Eat Healthy Cooking Program - $1000

Mindfulness/Yoga and Movement Program - $2500 

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $257.29
TOTAL TO RAISE $8,932.29


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