Have a great idea for a project that improves your NYC neighborhood green space? Want to raise project funds while involving your neighbors and finding volunteers? 

Partnerships for Parks will DOUBLE donations to projects that crowdfund with ioby to improve NYC’s green spaces! Get up to $2,500 in donations matched dollar-for-dollar with the Partnerships for Parks Crowdfunding Challenge for ioby campaigns that benefit your local park, community garden green street, or street trees. 

To get started, visit the Partnerships for Parks website via the links below to read the full eligibility guidelines, frequently asked questions, and complete the online application. ​

Apply Now

Eligibility Guidelines   Frequently Asked Questions   


The Partnerships for Parks team is reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so apply soon! Once your project has been approved, you'll be connected with ioby's coaching team who will help you get started fundraising with ioby, and you can get started fundraising with ioby at the end of the month your project is approved in. For example, if your project is reviewed in February, you'll be notified and can start building your ioby fundraising page on  March 1st. When you begin fundraising, the donations you raise will be instantly doubled up to $2,500 per project.

Funds are available on a rolling basis until they’ve been used up, so talk to your neighbors today about getting started!

Questions about applying to this program? Reach out to the Partnerships for Parks grants team at grants@cityparksfoundation.org or 212-602-5349. 

Questions about fundraising with ioby? Learn the basics about ioby here and learn more about crowdfunding your community project from our resources.  Direct questions to Ethany Uttech at ethany@ioby.org or 347-662-2439.   

Support a project below to get your donation doubled!

  • Free Red Hook Kayaking

    Red Hook & Gowanus Youth Ambassador Leadership in Brooklyn

    Young mariners are the voice of our environmental future; help us teach the skills to be effective leaders.  Boaters need to be responsive, quick thinkers, because our seas and weather are constantly changing.

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,107 + Volunteers
  • Children and Women train at a recent Bullettrun parkour class at Wingate Park.


    The pandemic's impact has made Bullettrun's free parkour program more popular with students of all ages; and challenged our black teachers like never before.

    NEEDS: $0 of 2,660 + Volunteers
  • Nurture by Nature

    Reviving a neglected playground and empowering a local community from the ground up.

    NEEDS: $0 of 7,150 + Volunteers