We’ve worked with more than 2,000 resident leaders across the country and have developed a toolkit of tips and best practices to help you succeed. In addition to resources like this toolkit, we offer free one-on-one support throughout your campaign, so you won’t have to do it alone. It’s this personal attention that helps make ioby projects among the most successful of any crowdfunding platform.

The Essentials

Build Your Team, Plan Your Asks

This is no time to go it alone! Learn how to assemble your fundraising dream team and work together to make the right asks of the right people at the right time.

Plan Your Story

What will convince someone to support your campaign? You will! Learn the five things that every great story has.

Plan to Get the Word Out

Shout it from the rooftops! A well-planned campaign has four pushes that build urgency and keep telling the story over time.

Build Your Campaign Page

Learn how to build out your fundraising hub, and it can do some of the heavy lifting for you!