Eric Rosewall, Portland, OR

Executive Director, Depave

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Eric Rosewall is trained in landscape architecture and has nearly ten years of involvement with the Portland, Oregon region’s park system and open space community through various public and nonprofit organizations. Eric co-developed Depave since the organization's inception in 2008; building it into a wholly unique, internationally recognized model for community engagement in urban greening. As Executive Director, he has overseen the organization’s annual portfolio of transformative volunteer-created greenspace projects — now totaling more than 50. His experience with authentic community building to implement grassroots placemaking strategies gives him a valuable perspective on green infrastructure with wide-reaching benefits for urban residents and the environment.

  • Green Infrastructure

  • Community organizing / civic engagement

  • Grantwriting

  • Other forms of fundraising

  • Storytelling/Public Speaking

  • Permitting/navigating regulatory requirements

  • Volunteer management

  • Sustainability / resilience

  • Graphic representation/design

  • Tactical urbanism

  • Activating vacant lots / vacant spaces


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