Full Name
Christina Flewellen
Pittsburgh, PA born and raised I learned the value of cooking and gardening at an early age. My grandparents taught me how to prepare meals and plant vegetables at age of 10. My grandparents had 1 rule when it came to cooking, "Don't cook it if its instant or it doesn't come from a tree or plant." That stuck with me as I realized my others did not have to culinary skills or food accessibility to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. After returning home from the US Military my new call of duty became to empower others to grow and prepare their own food.
I Participate Because
I participate in the sorts of activities that ioby supports because I have served my country. Fortunately, I made it back home to realize that my community needs aid just as much. We can make a difference in the lives of many less fortunate through urban agriculture and nutritious provision preparation.