Organization Name
Ginger Moon Healing Foods for the Childbearing Year
About Us
We believe that women who practice self-healing and self-care create healthier babies, marriages, families and communities. Ginger Moon was born in the Summer of 2011, after months of corresponding with other members of the private Facebook group Mamis Unite. The conversations continually came back to how it felt impossible for women to take care of their own bodies, let alone their new babies, after giving birth. After many discussions about how we could create a resource for women like us we realized – as we were cooking together – that it begins with knowing how to feed ourselves, healthy foods, and our power to heal ourselves with food as medicine.
We Participate Because
We are mothers, chefs, herbalists and doulas who enable new mothers to become their own healers. Through hands on workshops, and one-on-one visits, we provide fresh, healing meals and skills to attain and reclaim wellness during pregnancy, after birth and cesareans, while preventing post-partum depression, anemia, gestational diabetes and more, using food as medicine.