With the support of the Kansas Health Foundation, ioby supported 22 community projects to raise over $200,000 for community impact during 2019-2020.


The Kansas Healthy Communities Challenge supports residents taking an active role in creating a culture of health in their neighborhoods by providing a flexible funding option. With support from the Kansas Health Foundation, ioby has matching funds available to double what you raise on crowdfunding campaigns for health-related projects in your community. When you launch a local crowdfunding campaign as part of the Challenge, you can receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds of up to $10,000, plus one-on-one fundraising support to make your campaign a success!


So if you have a great idea that makes your community healthier, start a project today and make your fundraising work go twice as far. Simply share your project idea below to get started fundraising and doubling your dollars!

Share your Idea 

What kind of projects are eligible?

Any initiative that will help improve health in your area by making it greener or safer; improving local access to affordable healthy food; promoting walking, biking, or exercise; educating your neighbors about healthy choices; or advocating for changes to the local environment and economy that would support resident health. Eligible projects include new community gardens, all-ages exercise groups, weekend yoga in the park, bike safety education, healthy parenting programs, food justice fanfares, creative nutrition classes, pedestrian parades—you name it! We want to hear YOUR ideas for a healthier community.

Read the full eligibility guidelines here 

Learn More 

For more details on how this ioby match opportunity works, check out our Match Funding FAQ.
Completely new to ioby and crowdfunding? Check out our general FAQ here.

Watch our recent webinar to learn more!

Crowdfunding for Kansas Healthy Communities

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This webinar will cover proven tips for crowdfunding success and all the details about participating in this match opportunity. 

Questions? Contact ioby Partnerships Manager, Ethany Uttech at ethany@ioby.org or (917) 464-4515 x5

Support a Project 

Give to a project below to get your donation doubled and support a healthier Kansas!

  • Field Projections

    Illuminating Kansas silos to restore community connection while retaining safe social distancing practices.

    NEEDS: $0 of 20,000 + Volunteers
  • Rainbow Connection

    Celebrating Kansas resilency and encouraging outdoor activity through placement of rainbow art installations. 

    NEEDS: $0 of 14,550
  • Allen County Food Assistance

    To provide food to local pantries, extend farmer’s markets, offer additional funds for the DUFB program, and provide locally raised meat.


    NEEDS: $0 of 10,919
  • Volunteers, Walking, Neighborhoods, Improvements

    Come Walk with Us WYCO

    Cleaning up the streets; one neighborhood at a time


    NEEDS: $0 of 11,774 + Volunteers
  • Current kitchen at St. Patrick School

    Food Matters

    St. Patrick Catholic School and Children First are raising money to help children eat better by improving the school kitchen and education garden.

    NEEDS: $0 of 20,655
  • Community Engagement Dinner

    Providing Food and Workshops in Arlington

    We will provide people in our area with prepared food to take home and education about buying and preparing healthy foods for their family.

    NEEDS: $0 of 6,222 + Volunteers
  • Humboldt Food Pantry

    Covid-19 has doubled our community need for food in just a couple weeks. We need to expand and enhance food access for our community at this time. 

    NEEDS: $0 of 20,169 + Volunteers