Amanda Rodriguez, Product Manager

Amanda is a Product Manager on ioby's  Product Development Team, supporting leaders across the country to bring their ideas for positive change in their community to life and build community through crowdfunding. Amanda is so grateful for the opportunity to learn about and support projects across so many disciplines - from community gardens to massive murals, from mutual aid groups to nutritional education. Amanda brings strategic knowledge from a vast background of personal and professional experience: she studied Environmental Engineering and Latin American Studies, and has lead operations for several startup companies as well as for a national ice cream company. Amanda really loves to discover the why and the impact of every community project she supports and never fails to appreciate humans and our endless creativity.

One thing you can’t miss about Amanda: she loves food. You can find her pulling weeds in community food forests, participating in talks about the FOODture with the Future Food Institute, and expressing herself creatively in the kitchen by creating plant based recipes and plating every meal: even take out.

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