What does it mean to be a civic leader in our current world of smartphone activism, fractured politics, and struggling democracy? Hear from a diverse roster of changemakers, activists, organizers, historians, and other leaders as they engage in urgent dialogues that make sense of our current moment -- and the future -- of civic engagement, civic leadership, and civic life.

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Democracy is a living thing. Everyday actions—like starting a community garden, organizing a pop-up bike lane, or registering to vote—are crucial to strengthening our civic muscles and keeping our democracy strong and vibrant. In the face of an unprecedented election year, we'll need to summon up all that practice we've done and work together to ensure everyone is heard, and everyone is safe along the way. In this pre-recorded webinar, we'll discuss how to boost civic participation and how to make poll sites safer and more accessible. 

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Are you looking for ways to get you and your neighbors involved in voting and elections? Are you thinking of running for elected office yourself one day soon? If you’ve started a community project before, you’re already halfway there!

In this pre-recorded webinar, get tips from ioby project leaders who have been there before! Get answers to your questions, hear about the deep connections between neighborhood projects and elections, and learn how to stand up for your community during the election cycle. 

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As communities across the country grapple with our nation’s vast legacy of racism, one that permeates our everyday life today, creative placemaking has a unique role to play in imagining what a more equitable present and future might look like. Bringing together the arts, culture, and creative decision-making in the process of planning and nurturing our future, creative placemaking is a potent tool to tackle inequity today and build a just future.

In this recorded webinar, learn how to incorporate racial equity at every turn in your project—from conceiving it, to bringing it to life.

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This workshop is presented by the 400 Years of Inequality initiative, a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to dismantling structural inequality and building strong, healthy communities. It was born out of a call to observe the 400th anniversary of the first landing of Africans at Jamestown to be sold into bondage. In this webinar, we’ll explore that history and imagine what that means for our present today. How do those legacies shape the work of creating justice today? How can we vision and organize in the service of what we’re ‘for’? And how do we build people’s power in these times? 

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Healthy, sustainable fare is changing communities across this country, revitalizing towns that have been ravaged by disappearing industries and decades of inequity. What sparked this revolution? How are communities making their ideas a reality?

In this webinar with ioby, Sarah Reid of Flavorful Creations in Detroit will discuss her ioby funded project, from idea to reality, and the way it's transforming her community. Moderator Mark Winne will give a brief presentation on the transformations that he saw across his travels while writing his book, "Food Town, USA: Seven Unlikely Cities that are Changing the Way We Eat." Brooke Harris, Detroit Action Strategist from ioby, will share how her organization is helping drive community-led positive change through crowdfunding.

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