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Making change gets a little easier when you do it others who can cheer you on. There's a whole movement of community leaders like you all across the country mobilizing their neighbors to get good done. Wherever you are, our webinars are a unique opportunity to connect with other leaders and learn from folks who have been in your shoes. Join us for our next live webinar to ask questions and get practical tips to help boost your own crowdfunding project, or, take a peek at one of our previously recorded webinars to get inspired by projects and the neighbors who made them happen.


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If you're interested in fundraising for positive change in your neighborhood, fiscal sponsorship is a powerful tool you'll want in your back pocket. The right fiscal sponsor will help you collect the funds you've raised, ensure they are tax-deductible, and help you manage your funds to bring your great idea to life. But there are lots of different kinds of sponsorship, from comprehensive fiscal sponsorship—which might cost a pretty penny—to project-specific fiscal sponsorship. How do you find and pick the right fiscal sponsorship?

In this webinar, we'll share with you the ins and outs of fiscal sponsorship. We'll show how having a fiscal sponsor might make securing funding easier for your project, what types of fiscal sponsorship are available to you, the strengths and drawbacks of different types of sponsorship, and strategies to identify and secure the right fiscal sponsorship for your project. Can't make the webinar? RSVP anyway and we'll send you the recording!


Can't make it? RSVP anyway and we'll send you the recording!





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Learn directly from thousands of local leaders (like you!) as they share their experiences, challenges, and solutions in conversation with each other.

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Take a deep dive into the fundamentals of grassroots fundraising and walk away with what you need to run your own successful campaign.

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Explore the meaning of civic leadership with a roster of changemakers, activists, organizers, historians, and other leaders as they make sense of our current moment of civic leadership.

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Missed a webinar? We recorded it for you! Download over two dozen previously recorded (and free!) webinars with fundraising experts, community leaders, and neighbors like you. 

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