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Wellspring will once again be partnering with Project Forty to send five of our teens on a four day wilderness trip to Kentucky. The trip will include immersing our young people in the beauty of the Red River Gorge, while backpacking, camping, experiencing a solo ( a time alone in reflection ) and the high-adventure activities of rock-climbing and rappelling (descending a near vertical rock face using a rope). 

Who We Are

Wellspring is a faith-based non-profit youth development organization located in northwest Detroit. It provides academic after-school programing and field trips, college/career prep activities, leadership trainings and community service for youth 5-18. Adventure based activities are utilized as a primary tool for developing self-confidence, leadership and teamwork skills among teens. A bible study is available for interested teens.

Wellsprings Mission is “To assist urban youth in developing themselves spiritually, socially, academically and economically.”

Project Forty is a wilderness and discipleship ministry located in Flint, Michigan. Their mission is “To use wilderness adventures to provide unforgettable experiences that reveal the character of God and provide biblical discipleship for teens and young adults. Families, students and youth leadership alike will be challenged spiritually, emotionally and relationally as they learn new skills and wander outside their comfort zones”.

the steps

Program discussed with parents and youth participants

Orientation meeting with participating teens and parents

Pre-trip training held with teens to discuss goals, expectations, activities and equipment

Staff Training

Four-day wilderness trip to Red River Gorge, Kentucky  April 25-April 28.

why we're doing it

Wellspring and Project Forty decided to partner on an outdoor adventure activity because we have much in common regarding mission, beliefs and approaches to working with youth. There is a profound belief between both organizations that our society desperately needs new leaders to arise from amongst our young people. We need leaders who have a strong sense of direction, integrity and a desire for service. The wish is to provide a powerful growth experience for teens who have already demonstrated leadership attributes and an interest in developing their Christian faith.

Through their participation in high adventure activities, we hope that the five young people participating will become stronger leaders and gain greater self-confidence. Also, we hope they will move closer in relationship to their Creator, surrounded by the beauty of the area, engaging/learning from fellow team members and staff, studying scripture passages, and through participating in the personal experience of a solo.

Our 4-day Summer Adventure Programs in the Sleeping Bear Dunes have taught us the value of the solo experience. Time alone provides teens with an opportunity to decompress and reflect on their personal journeys in life. Past group discussions following the solo have shown how healing the experience can be for some, with most gaining important insights into their lives. Although Summer Adventure is not a program designed for faith development, many have framed their solo experience in the context of their personal faith practice.

The five Wellspring youth participants will be accompanied by two Wellspring staff and two guides from Project Forty.


  • Project Forty (Guides, Food, Group Equipment)                  $3,100
  • Transportation (Rental Van and Gas)                                      $800
  • Wellspring Staff (Pre-trip planning, participant training,
  • trip accompaniment)                                                              $1,800
  • Technical Staff Training                                                             $100
  • Outdoor Gear                                                                            $200

Total Trip Budget                                                                     $6,000

Minus Participant Contribution                                                 -($500)

                  Balance for Trip                                                     $5500



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