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Hyatt Pavilion

the project

After successfull raising over $32,000, we are launching Phase 2! Please donate to the next phase of our project here:, as this page is closed for donations.


the steps

Once collected funds are available, the La Vernia Dog Park Coalition, in coordination with the city of La Vernia will arrange for the construction of Waggin' Trails Dog Park.  Trenches for piping water will be dug and plumbing for water fountains will be laid.  Necessary items such as a sunshade, poop stations, benches & boulders will be put on location and maybe even trees will be planted.  Construction on fencing will take about 3 days and "Wah-La!",  Waggin' Trails Dog Park will be a reality and maybe even one day will look like this:

why we're doing it

The dogs all agree that a dog park benefits the La Vernia community in many ways.  They get a safe environment to run and romp off leash.  It will promote exercise & overall well being of dogs and their owners. Everybody, including Fido, can meet, socialize and make new friends.  And finally, Waggin Trails Dog Park will allow folks a chance to be physically active with their dog. 


Disbursed budget (02.16.21)

$12,250 - Fence (includes install with 6 gates) 

$5,394 - Water Fountains for Dogs

$1,100 - Poop Stations with trash cans and bags

$4,000 - Large 18x27 sun shade

$2,140 - Park Benches

$700 - Boulders

$2,500 - Signage, promotional material, and graphics 

$1,462.20 - Trash Cans


$29,545.80 - Total 

  Normal Fees
TOTAL RAISED = $32,150.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,605.75
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $963.45


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $950
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $38,000

Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.

In order to open as soon as possible, the La Vernia Dog Park Coalition plans to operate in phases.  Waggin’ Trails Phase 1 will include the necessities in order to operate a dog park, and Phase 2 will continue to add improvements. 
Phase 1 budget estimation:
•    15,000    Fencing and Installation 
•      5,500    3 Water fountains for dogs & people, +2 hoses/bibs
•      2,500    4 Poop stations plus 3 trash cans & supplies
•      4,000    Sun shade
•      3,500    Signage, promotional materials & graphic arts
•      2,500    Bridge across trench, boulders & dirt for dog digging

Phase 2 down the road might include the following:  
Agility equipment, lighting, trees for more shade, a dog wash station, a pool/pond/splash area for dogs,  bathroom for people and a closer parking area. 


Hyatt Pavilion


Meet Norma, Freckles & Donald Hyatt and join us this spring in the Hyatt Pavilion.  Thanks to them we will have shade for the peoples and doggos!

Much is Happening

Iota and Whoopi are looking at me, then at the sign. then at me: "Hey Mom, we need more paws!  We have raised over $16,000!  Can we get steak tonight for dinner?"

La Vernia Market Days was once again a boon to our goal - the Coalition committee worked very hard and took in over $600 in donations!  We still have window decals available if you missed us Saturday.  You can get yours from a committee member or stop by Bard Craft Designs in La Vernia or Wilson County News in Floresville - also Furbaby Boutique and Biscuit Bar. Donate $5 and tell em you want a decal.

Still have a few chances left of some amazing prizes: G-Shock like watch; FBomb Diesel Performance gift certificats; a HUGE doggy toy basket from Fur Baby; your pet's portrait by Shelley Henderson and a 1 hour massage from Heavenly Touch.  You have to see me to donate - $5 a chance or $20 for 5 chances.  If interested, email me or come by Melanie's most evenings this week.

This is the last week to order t-shirts.  Donate $20 on here ($23 for 2XL and up) then order on Custom Ink:  We hope to have t-shirts out by mid-Feb

The perimeter fencing is fully subscribed!  But we are still taking $150 sponsorships, they will just be listed on a sign in front of dog park.  We still need more boulders, a poop station, trash cans, 2 water stations and the sunshade.  Remember any amount is appreciated and you will be recognized at the dog park as a contributor.


Close Very Close

Waggin' Trails Dog Park recently received a cash donation. C-one Solutions are now Official Fence Waggers! We have 44 sections sponsored and we need approximately 60 sections plus gates. We are close people, very close!! Donate any amount here:

Buy a window sticker for your car - all proceeds go to Waggin' Trails. Just $5 - get them from your board members: Julia Magee, Peggy SeddonBarbara Allen,Gretch Brummer or go to Bard Craft Embroidery in La Vernia or Furbaby Boutique in Floresville, Brooke Cranshaw Busch has them...

The First Week of January

     Waggin’ Trails Dog Park has received multiple donations recently as lots of folks have accepted The Fencing Match Challenge.  New to the roster of Official Fence Waggers is Robin Muschalek with Polley Mansion, Lupe Soto with LIPS (Ladies International Poker Series), the Crazy Crocheters Club,  Matt Brown with State Farm, the La Vernia Garden Club, Sammy & Kimi, KC Custom Homes and K9 Behavior.  Clip’NTails Pet Salon contributed an additional  $150 so they could also  “own” a 10’ section of fence and accept Lynette Best Gray’s challenge.  Rebecca Adams and Pop’s Ice Cream N Coffee are Double Fence Waggers as they have sponsored 20’ of fencing.

Premium Waggers include County Line Animal Hospital who have donated a boulder along with Tom and Deanna Gilman who subscribed to the last park bench in memory of their original dog pack: Boomer, Libby and Cookie.


Waggin Trails Dog Park is almost halfway there.  We have 400’ feet of fencing along with 2 gates and have surpassed the $12,000 mark!  Our goal is $35,000.  We currently have all park benches and poop stations as well as 1 water station.  The dogs still need 2 more water fountains and the people need a sunshade in this Texas heat.  5 additional gates are necessary and huge boulders to play and sit on would be fun and functional.  All sponsored items in the dog park will advertise their contributor with signage.

Active Dogs

Our dogs inspire us to go outside and play.  They are the reason behind Waggin' Trails Dog Park.  This is Sammy and his favorite activity is bbiking along the Mission Trail.  Zany used to play a mean game of frisbee and Iota adores being chased.

And this is Cole and Whoopi enjoying a dip and a splash on a warm summer day:  \

What is your dog's favorite sport?  Soon it will be playing at Waggin' Trails Dog Park!  

T-Shirts For Sale! Waggin' Trails Logo

Buy a t-shirt and support Waggin' Trails dog park at the same time!  This is a 2 Step process.

1.  Donate first here:  $20/t-shirt  Please notate <t-shirt> after your name on ioby & please share your email

2.  Register your order here:  This will tell me how many and what sizes.  Please DO NOT place an order without donating first.

Order will be delivered around 15 Feb. Last day to order is 31 Jan.  You can order a t-shirt and have it shipped directly to you by donating $25, which pays for shipping.

We have all benches and the big gate!

Oak Hills Animal Hospital has been super generous!  They have sponsored the last park bench needed and the large cantilever (sliding) gate that will be the divider between the Little Waggers and the Big Barkers.  Thanks so much Dr George Hill, Michele Hill and the staff at Oak Hills Animal Hospital!


Bacon "Holmes" - Dog Park Investigator

Bacon checks out "How to Build a Dog Park for Dummies"


Bacon decides a dog park in La Vernia is a good idea

More Fence Waggers

Med Spa in La Vernia accepted the Fencing Match Challenge as did Thrive Mortgage!  Several families have also dared to sponsor 10' of fence and will honor past pets or deidcate to current ones.  Join this elite group and donate today.

BOW! WOW! More Fence!

This just in!  K9 Behavior Boarding and Training Facility, The Fox Family and Sticker Bur Book Club are Official Fence Waggers! 

Whoopi is checking out our new goal sign.  She says we need more paw prints!  There is one located at the park and another on the corner of 775 and Chihuahua Street.  Have you seen it?


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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  • Andrea F.
  • Dorothy R.
  • Jackie H.
  • Mark M.
  • Pat and Leslie
  • Zane
  • Mona & Emma
  • Robin D Muschalek
  • Trisha Kosub, Crisp Realty, Inc
  • Heavenly Touch Massage Therapy
  • Herb W.
  • The Den
  • Wes Ashburn
  • Gary and Christine
  • John & Sandra Black
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Hill’s Gym
  • OSO Construction & Materials
  • Candice M.
  • Jon Wayne Service Co
  • Jon Wayne Service Co.
  • Melissa F.
  • Koda
  • Penny and Leonard Davenport
  • Rob F.
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