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the project

Bill Gates once said, 'Students deserve great teachers. And teachers deserve the support they need to become great.'

Teachers Supporting Teachers Everywhere Inc. (TSTE Inc.) is dedicated to reimagining teacher support in a way that encourages, supports and celebrates teachers while also applying a wrap-around approach to include some academic support for students and overall wellness resources for families at the schools they serve.

Via a partnership with the school administration and the PTA/PTO, TSTE Inc also seeks to collaborate on projects aimed at enhancing the well-being of the overall school community in addition to preparing students for the world beyond the classroom through academic support in the areas of entrepreneurship and design thinking skills. 

the steps

Essential steps TSTE Inc will take to facilitate the delivery of services/said program:

1. Planning Meeting at Schools: Meet with school administration in order to accommodate school regulations and preferences as not to interfere with regular school operations.

2. Budget  Allocation: Allocate funds for each school hosting a TSTE Bridging Learning and Wellness Program. Including allocations for the specified line items which included TSTE Ambassadors stipends, refreshments for wellness sessions/activities and the hiring of trained health and wellness professionals for selected sessions/activities.

3. Selection of Trained Professionals: Choose trained professionals based on research, credentials and the ability to meet program expectations.

4. Documentation: Keep records of all purchases and feedback from program participants

5. Transparency: Maintain budget transparency for stakeholders.

By following these steps, TSTE Inc. ensures seamless delivery of program services, enhancing the wellness experience for program participants.

why we're doing it

TSTE Inc. is providing the Bridging Learning and Wellness Programs in Detroit schools because:

-Teachers are experiencing high stress and other mental or emotional challenges, due to the demanding nature of their profession, which have an impact on their delivery of instruction and student learning.

-Parents and students are in need of additional support and resources to enhance the overall educational experience.


$900- Trained Mental Health/wellness Professionals for Wellness sessions/events - $900

$800  - Variety of snacks and beverages will be purchased to provide refreshments during monthly teacher wellness sessions during  24-25 school year  Approximately $80 month (for 2 schools) x 10 sessions 

$1800  - Partial funding  for TSTE Ambassador stipends for (2 educators) planning and facilitating wellness sessions at 2 schools throughout the 2024-25 year $30/hour  x 3 hours = $90, $90 x 10 sessions = $900 ,  $900 x 2 Ambassadors = $1800


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