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Solar One -- Stuyvesant Cove Park -- 24-20 FDR Drive Service Road East
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Thanks For Helping Green Edge NYC with the Solar Powered Film Series!

the project

Green Edge NYC is a social network that connects people with businesses, organizations, and resources to build an environmentally sustainable future. In conjunction with Solar One, a non-profit focused on empowering people to attain a more environmentally sound and sustainable future, “The Solar-Powered Film Series” was created to utilize informative, environmental documentaries as a medium to increase awareness of the issues of climate change. The Series focuses on issues that impact us all globally and, through discussions following each film, inspires action locally. The Film Series serves as a model of sustainability, utilizing solar generated power for all equipment used during screenings. Each film is followed by a discussion or a workshop in order to help further educate, as well as engage, the audience on the environmental issues presented.

the steps

The Solar Power Film Series takes place over 2 weekends -- September 16-18th and 23-25th. Prior to the screening dates, our staff will research and pick six documentaries to screen. Marketing and promotion will begin once final Film Series schedule is set. In addition to the movie selections, the Film Series staff will design discussions or workshops that will directly relate to the message of each film to highlight actions that can be taken by the audience on a local level. The workshops and panels will consist of authors, film producers, directors, activists, educators, and artists that have direct knowledge and experience with the issues presented in the film and can offer opportunities for community involvement. The staff will also coordinate sponsorships, music performances, and potential fundraising opportunities.

why we're doing it

As concern for the environment continues to grow, New Yorkers are seeking outlets that will provide them with a connection to innovative, sustainably focused organizations and opportunities that will educate and empower them towards individual action. Green Edge NYC is based on the mission of increasing awareness and support of organizations dedicated to addressing environmental sustainability issues by providing community-based programs and services that bridge the informational gap and inspire local involvement.


We are looking to raise money to cover the screening fees of the movies we have selected for the series. All other costs for the Film Series are covered by Solar One. Bee Movie $200 Food Movies $100 Climate Change Movie $200 Oil Movie $200 Total Cost $700 ioby fee =56


Thanks For Helping Green Edge NYC with the Solar Powered Film Series!


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