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the project

"Community Craftsman," a practical and impactful 9-week program tailored for young adults aged 18-24. This initiative is designed to equip participants with valuable skills in skilled trades and entrepreneurship, while also contributing to community improvements and strengthening local relationships.


The program is structured in three distinct phases, each lasting three weeks. We kick off with a woodworking session, where participants will learn to craft and repair small furniture items, gaining insight into the business side of carpentry. This hands-on experience not only enhances their skill set but also prepares them for potential entrepreneurial ventures in carpentry.


the steps

For the "Community Craftsman" project, here is a detailed list of actions that our team will undertake, ensuring a seamless execution from start to finish once funding is secured:

### Project Action Plan

**Pre-Project Phase (1-2 Weeks Before Start)**
1. **Secure Funding Confirmation:** Immediately upon receipt of funds.
2. **Venue Booking:** Book the necessary venues for all sessions within one week of funding confirmation.
3. **Purchase Materials:** Order all woodworking, landscaping, and home repair materials two weeks prior to the program start.
4. **Hire Instructors:** Confirm agreements with experienced instructors within one week of funding receipt.
5. **Participant Recruitment:** Begin advertising and accept applications immediately after securing funding, aiming to finalize participant selection one week before the start date.
6. **Preparation Meeting:** Conduct a final team meeting to ensure all logistics, materials, and schedules are aligned—scheduled three days before the program begins.

**Phase 1: Woodworking Session (Weeks 1-3)**
- **Kick-Off Event:** Host an orientation and welcome event on the first day.
- **Weekly Workshops:** Conduct woodworking workshops three times a week, focusing on skill development and business education.
- **Mid-Phase Review:** Assess progress and gather participant feedback at the end of week 2.

**Phase 2: Landscaping Training (Weeks 4-6)**
- **Phase Transition Meeting:** Brief participants on the transition from woodworking to landscaping at the end of week 3.
- **Community Projects:** Organize community beautification projects each week to apply skills in real-world settings.
- **Instructor Feedback Sessions:** Weekly feedback sessions with instructors to guide participants’ progress.

**Phase 3: Basic Home Repairs (Weeks 7-9)**
- **Introduction to Home Repair:** Start with a comprehensive overview of home repair essentials.
- **Hands-On Repair Sessions:** Provide on-site repair experience in community homes, supervised by instructors.
- **Certification Preparation:** Prepare participants for any possible certification exams or completion acknowledgments.

**Post-Project Phase (1 Week After Completion)**
- **Project Wrap-Up:** Organize a closing ceremony to celebrate achievements and distribute certificates of completion.
- **Feedback Collection:** Conduct detailed feedback sessions with participants to assess the program’s impact and areas for improvement.
- **Report Preparation:** Compile a detailed report on the project outcomes, financial usage, and participant progress within one week of project completion.

- **Follow-Up:** Schedule follow-up meetings with participants 3 and 6 months post-program to track progress and success in employment or entrepreneurship.

This action plan will be crucial in steering the "Community Craftsman" project towards its intended outcomes, ensuring each participant gains the maximum benefit from their involvement, and solidifying the project’s role in enhancing community capacity and resilience.

why we're doing it

Impact and Motivation

The "Community Craftsman" project is a direct response to several pressing challenges in our community in Detroit. We've identified critical gaps in employment opportunities for young adults, a lack of skilled labor for essential home maintenance, and a need for stronger community cohesion. Our project addresses these issues head-on, providing young adults with the skills and opportunities to thrive while contributing positively to the local economy and environment.

Social Impact:
Our community faces high rates of youth unemployment and underemployment. By equipping participants aged 18-24 with hands-on skills in woodworking, landscaping, and basic home repairs, "Community Craftsman" offers them not just jobs, but careers. These skills are in high demand, ensuring participants have robust employment prospects. Moreover, working together on community projects fosters a sense of belonging and pride, strengthening social bonds and reducing antisocial behavior.

Economic Impact:
Economically, "Community Craftsman" injects vitality into the local economy by preparing a new generation of skilled tradespeople who can start their own businesses or contribute to existing ones. This growth is sustainable; as these young adults earn, they spend within the community, bolstering local business and encouraging economic circulation. The services they provide through the program—like home repairs and landscaping—are offered at reduced rates to community members, easing financial burdens on those who need it most.

Environmental Impact:
Environmentally, the landscaping training phase of our program specifically targets the beautification and upkeep of communal spaces. Participants learn to care for and preserve green spaces, contributing to environmental sustainability and community pride. Improved local environments lead to broader community engagement and a heightened collective responsibility for maintaining these areas.

Our Team’s Passion:
Driven by a vision of a thriving, empowered community, our team is deeply committed to the "Community Craftsman" project. Each member of our team has a personal stake in the success of our community. We believe in the power of education and hands-on training to transform lives and landscapes. Our dedication is fueled by the success stories we aim to create—where every participant who comes through our program becomes a pillar of the community, capable of craftsmanship that not only stands the test of time but also lays the foundations for future generations.

This program isn't just a series of workshops; it's a lifeline to economic independence, a commitment to environmental stewardship, and a blueprint for social unity. We are eager to see our participants grow and to watch our community flourish as a result of this initiative.



Budget Breakdown for "Community Craftsman"

1. Woodworking Session (Weeks 1-3)

  •    Materials (wood, tools, etc.): $800
  •    Instructor Fees: $500
  •    Venue Rental (if applicable): $200

   Subtotal: $1,500

2. Landscaping Training (Weeks 4-6)

  •    Materials (plants, soil, tools, etc.): $600
  •    Instructor Fees: $500
  •    Transport & Site Fees: $150

   Subtotal: $1,250

3. Basic Home Repairs (Weeks 7-9)

  •    Materials (repair kits, tools): $500
  •    Instructor Fees: $500
  •    Transport & Small Equipment Rental: $250

   Subtotal: $1,250

Additional Costs

  • Miscellaneous (marketing, contingencies, etc.): $250
  • Program Coordinator Stipend: $750

 Grand Total: $4,000




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