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the project

Clean Dirt 2024 is a campaign that is asking YOU to help build out a state of the art dirt jump park right here in NYC. Following the success of our 2022, and 2023 Dirt Drives we've now transferred over 500 tons of  base material which has been delivered, stacked and shaped over the slopestyle and freeride lines of the terrain park during the spring and summers of 2022-2023. This new material has been used to build a solid foundation for the upcoming work of dialing in all of the existing features in the park in with a thick layer of clean dirt, which will eventually cap the rocky landfill the park was originally composed of.

Dump Trucks Unloading Clean Dirt

This season, we're placing material to fully reconstruct the start deck, and building the long-awaited expert table top line which will allow for easier access to the space, and will fully connect all of the progressive terrain in the park from the beginner to expert lines.  Funds from Clean Dirt For Highbridge Dirtjump Park Round 3 will cover the costs of labor, machine rental, tools and equipment, and volunteer support materials (food, gloves, water) to get the job done as quickly as possible. This work will take place over the spring of 2024, and is expected to be completed by June.

This project is sponsored by the mayor's office of Environmental Remediation (OER,) who is coordinating transportation logistics through their Clean Soil Bank program, and also the City Parks Foundation's Green Fund, which is providing a $3k matching award to help jumpstart this fundraiser. Each dollar donated is instantly matched, making your contributions go  further.

the steps

1)Utilize material already delivered Using funds from our 2023 Dirt Drive, 440 tons of material was delivered. Thanks  to our dedicated volunteers this material has been distributed and and spread out over the track, and the results are simply outstanding!

2)Crowdfund for 200 tons of additional material - 200 tons of clean fill  will be used to build out the new terrain. The quantity of material delivered will take a significant mobilization of resources to spread out and stack up. In order to deliver a finished product by next spring, we must hire machines and personnel to get the job done quickly, and also better support our volunteers during this process.

3) Land 200 tons of material into the park. Funds from the spring dirt drive will be used to cover machine rental and personnel to move the delivered 240 tons of material into the park over six days.


why we're doing it

RESILIENCY. We cannot say it enough. While the net benefit is consistently amazing riding conditions and more progressive terrain park features, the resiliency of this clay material through drought and flood conditions cannot be understated. This decrease in time spent keeping the terrain park smooth and safe will free up well over 90% of NYCMTB's volunteer maintenance capacity, allowing for;

  • Increase our organizational and fundraising capacity, allowing for foundational resiliency.
  • Improved, regular maintenance of the 3.5 miles of mountain bike trail at Highbridge
  • Construction of 1.5 miles of new, approved mountain bike trails elsewhere in the park by 2025.
  • More bike skills programming, and camps

This is a historic moment for Highbridge Bike Park, occurring in its SIXTEENTH SEASON. With a legacy of providing no-cost active recreation for two generations of riders, you have every reason to DONATE TODAY to help ensure it goes and grows for generations to come!


Project expenses: 

Clay $10K

Trucking $5K

Equipment rental $15K



Estimated Project Donations $27,000.00

Estimated Match Funding $3,000.00

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee N/A -  $0.00

ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% - $612.24

TOTAL TO RAISE - $30,612.24

Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.



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