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Our goal is in reach!

the project

Detroit is a city that is on the move, and no one should be left behind, whether it's a neighborhood or individuals facing challenges. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the renewal and revitalization of the city of Detroit, individually or as a community. The Aviation Subdivision situated on the outskirts of Detroit, has long been a staple community boasting well-maintained homes with manicured lawns and lower crime rates, making it appealing to individuals and families alike since its inception.

Born out of a shared vision for restoration, the roots of the Aviation Sub Collective run deep, planted by residents yearning to resurrect the neighborhood's former sense of community pride. This initiative is not only focused on restoring community pride and maintaining property values; we are also addressing one of the problems plaguing many areas, which is a lack of community engagement. We're rewriting the script on community engagement in the Aviation Subdivision with innovative methods that go beyond the ordinary.

Prepare yourself for an exciting ride, as we take unconventional strides towards community revival. From distinctive yard swag celebrating home improvements to rewarding our dynamic street ambassadors with more than just applause – we're rewriting the community engagement playbook. Junior leaders, your time is now! Earn incentives for your dedication and be a part of rekindling the glory of the Aviation Sub. Detroit's best-kept secret is making a resounding comeback!

the steps

  1. Street Ambassador Recruitment Drive: Actively recruit and train ambassadors to serve as community liaisons, fostering stronger connections and communication among neighbors
  2. Initiate Bi-Monthly Subdivision Meetings: Host regular community meetings to encourage open communication, share updates, and gather input on project initiatives.
  3. Plan Community Events Calendar: Develop a  calendar of events, including walk-n-talks, partnering with other neighborhood groups, and family-friendly activities to promote engagement.
  4. Initiate Social Media Campaign: Utilize social media platforms to share neighborhood news, showcase community achievements, and encourage participation in events and initiatives.
  5. Junior Leader Programs: Develop programs and activities specifically targeting the youth population, fostering a sense of community pride and leadership from an early age.
  6. Implement a Façade Improvement Program: Launch a program to incentivize residents to enhance the exteriors of their homes, promoting a unified and well-maintained appearance throughout the neighborhood.


why we're doing it

Welcome to a project that embodies the heartbeat of Detroit's revival—the Aviation Sub - Neighborhood Pride Initiative. In a city propelling forward, our commitment is clear: no neighborhood left behind. Our passion extends beyond aesthetics; we recognize the deep-seated issue of community disengagement that plagues many areas. As we embark on this journey, we acknowledge that community engagement is not just a buzzword; it's a vital solution to social, economic, and environmental challenges


  • $200 for the initial project meet-n-greet to bring all the participants together and kick off the project
  • $600 for incentive/gift cards for street ambassadors and junior ambassadors to encourage continued participation and show appreciation for the work they're doing
  • $200 for honorariums for 3-4 special activities facilitators
  • $400 for Pride Awards "yard swag" used to celebrate and support home improvements that enhance the home's exterior aesthetics and visual appeal of the neighborhood


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ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $28.57
TOTAL TO RAISE $1,428.57
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Our goal is in reach!

Our goal is in reach!


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