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the project

4-7pm on Sunday, October 31st on HALLOWEEN, we're hosting a Community Halloween Hunt!

We all know of Easter Hunt, but I've never heard of a Halloween Hunt! I'm doing this because this is something very different, safe and more importantly fun. Due to the Pandemic I've learned to think outside the box. The children will be able to find all types of different gifts from school supplies, to winter hats, scarfts, socks etc. This would be things that can be more useful than candy. I may even include money in some bags - how exciting is that 😊. I want to engage the kids in the community through this interactive event with games like musical chairs and a hunt for the kids to find goodie bags. We'll hire a DJ for music, buy some food for the neighborhood, and have actors as Gobblers to make a life size Halloween event in our neighborhood!


the steps

The steps will be unity coming together sharing my idea, organization and then execution. Preparing for a funfilled event - hiring the DJ, buying the food, candy and gifts, costumes for the Gobblers, etc. 

why we're doing it

I'm doing this first because I love working with people and seeing people enjoying themselves. 

People loved our last event CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. People really loved it and asked for more events like this in our community. Next year I wiill definitely do the second annual Children are our Future Event. But we don't have to wait until then to gather and have fun and support the kids. 


Updated Budget:

TOTAL RAISED = $4,350.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $217.50
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $65.25

Original Budget:

Pay awesome people to help out. Includes a DJ for music, participant stipends for Gobbler actors (kids and adults)

Costumes for the actors 

Props for spooky atmosphere (Halloween decorations for the neighborhood)

Gifts and candy to create goodie bags for the kids 

Food and hot dogs for neighborhood celebration 

Chairs for musical chairs game 


Excess money in our budget, depending on how much we raise, will go to supporting multiple neighborhood children in performing arts to prepare for next event for children to perform neighborhood skits regularly on Facebook.

We may need tents as well as a generator for speakers etc since event is outside. 


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