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COVID-19: Times are tough, but our communities are tougher. Learn more about how you and your neighbors can play a part in tackling community challenges.

Double your crowdfunding power with match funding!

ioby helps neighbors grow and implement great ideas one block at a time. We believe it should be easy to make meaningful change “in our backyards”—the positive opposite of NIMBY. Neighbors nationwide have raised over $6 million in citizen philanthropy on ioby for projects that make their communities healthier, greener, safer, and more livable. When you post a project on ioby you can collect tax deductible donations, find new donors and volunteers, and receive one-on-one fundraising coaching. Learn the basics of fundraising with ioby.

ioby also offers match funding opportunities throughout the year. When you participate in an ioby match program, we’ll double donations in real-time as you fundraise! So when someone donates $20 to your campaign, it will instantly be turned into $40. Match funding can be a great way to accelerate your crowdfunding campaign and make your fundraising work go twice as far.

Not sure if you qualify? When you tell us your idea, a member of our team will automatically check to see if you're eligible to receive matching funds.


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Please note that you cannot participate in two match funds at the same time, but if you exhaust one fund and are eligible for another you may then participate in an additional match fund opportunity.​


Current ioby match opportunities

Sustainable CT Community Match Fund

The Sustainable CT Community Match Fund is offering up to $25,000 in matching funds, plus fundraising coaching, to leaders working to create a more sustainable, vibrant, and resilient Connecticut. From rain gardens, to bike paths, to community solar power, and much much more, we want to hear your great idea to make your Connecticut community a little greener and a little more sustainable! 

Learn more about the Sustainable CT Community Match Fund


Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge 

The Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge supports residents (that's you!) as they take an active role in creating a culture of health in neighborhoods across New York State. When you crowdfund with ioby to raise the money you need to launch a project that boosts your community's health, we'll double your donations dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 for eligible projects in: Near Westside, Syracuse • Brownsville, Brooklyn • Lower East Side, Manhattan • East Harlem, Manhattan • Clinton County, NY • Niagara Falls, NY

Learn more about the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge


Medical District Collaborative Matching Fund

Do you have a great idea for a project that makes the Memphis Medical District a great place to live, work, and play? Need some cash to bring it to life? The Memphis Medical District Collaborative is partnering with ioby to match donations on crowdfunding campaigns for projects that serve the neighborhoods of the Memphis Medical District. If your project is eligible, get your donations matched dollar-for-dollar up to $2,500 per project!

Learn more about the New Century of Soul Matching Fund


One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge

Live, work, or play in Pittsburgh's Northside and have an idea to help make your Northside neighborhood greener, healthier, more sustainable, or more vibrant? The One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge could help give you a boost as you take an active role in shaping life in the Northside!

Get up to $10,000 of your donations matched, dollar-for-dollar, for projects that strengthen neighborhoods in Pittsburgh's Northside.  

Learn more about the One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge

Partnerships for Parks Crowdfunding Challenge

If you have a great idea for a project that improves your NYC neighborhood green space, we want to help! Crowdfund with ioby to raise the funds you need to help care for your local park, community garden, green street, or street trees in New York City, and we'll provide one-on-one support AND Partnerships for Parks will double your donations. 

Get up to $2,500 of your donations matched, dollar-for-dollar, for projects that invest in your local green space in New York City.  

Learn more about the Partnerships for Parks Crowdfunding Challenge

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match Fund

It's back! The 2020 Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match fund is now open to artists and neighbors looking to make Cuyahoga County more creative and vibrant. Are you dreaming of a public art project with your neighbors? Or are you a dancer who needs money for a performance in a park? Maybe you're a film buff looking to host community movie screenings? Double your donations and get tailored fundraising training when you crowdfund with ioby for arts & culture projects in Cuyahoga County. 

Get up to $3,000 of your donations matched, dollar-for-dollar, for projects that make Cuyahoga County more vibrant and creative through the arts. 

Learn more about the Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match Fund

Green Infrastructure Crowdfunding Match

Even the smallest amount of rain, as little as 0.1 inches, can overwhelm our water systems and cause flooding and sewage to overflow into our local waterways. But everyday neighbors (like you!) are working together to help solve stormwater issues through simple but powerful green infrastructure projects.

Get up to $8,000 of your donations matched, dollar-for-dollar, for projects that install rain gardens, green roofs, bioswales or vegetated strips on a sidewalk, rain barrels or planter boxes under downspouts, or depave parking lots. Projects must occur in Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, New York City, Pittsburgh, or Washington D.C. 

Learn more about the Green Infrastructure Match

Questions about ioby match funding programs? Contact ioby Partnerships Manager Ethany Uttech at