Pictured: Donté´s Gift Express raised over $3,400 in the 2023 CAC match program. 

Up to $3,000 in donations matched for community projects that 
make Cuyahoga County more vibrant through the arts!

The Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match Fund supports organizations and residents (like you!) as they make our county more vibrant and creative. 

Individuals, artists, informal groups of residents, and nonprofits with budgets under $200,000 can all receive one-on-one fundraising coaching and dollar-for-dollar matching to your ioby crowdfunding campaign for a project that brings arts and culture to Cuyahoga County residents. Donors are matched instantly up to $500, and projects can access up to $3,000 until the program ends. Share your project idea below!

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How does it work?

Eligibility Details

When you crowdfund with the ioby Cuyahoga Arts & Culture Match Fund, you'll get:

  • Our free resources and guidance for how to crowdfund.
  • A one-on-one ioby crowdfunding coach to teach you how to successfully raise donations.
  • While you crowdfund, donations will be doubled instantly. (Up to $500 per donation and $3,000 per project.)
  • We offer fiscal sponsorship to groups that are not a 501c3.  
  • Our fees are very low because we are a nonprofit.


Submit your idea to get started!


Donate to a project, or start your own to be enrolled here:

  • North Collinwood Thundercats

    North Collinwood Thundercats Cheerleading!

    Support children age 3 - 19 to build confidence and lifelong relationships through competitive cheer! We teach any child with a desire to cheer the skills to join a USASF team and compete in competitions.

    NEEDS: $9,261 of 12,161
  • Cleveland City Scenes

    For the Love Of City Scenes

    Photography is a proven mental health art therapy that helps and with your help we can help others.

    NEEDS: $8,541 of 8,621 + Volunteers
  • Loves Memory Garden Project

    Loves Memory Garden will be formed in an artistic way in order to honor lost loved ones. Edible garden and lessons on gardening as well as specific memorial painted rock garden

    NEEDS: $2,555 of 2,755 + Volunteers
  • Cleveland Youth Festival 2024

    the CYF is an annual event happing in Cleveland Ohio since 2019, we are honored to be able to bring the arts and music together as a sign of celebration and uniting our community in the Cuyahoga. 

    NEEDS: $5,531 of 5,531 + Volunteers
  • Safety First Contest

    Safety First Contest is a contest designed for high school students to express our four safety target topics in the form of cultural arts.

    NEEDS: $0 of 6,122
  • Girl Power


    Let's come together to recognize and celebrate the legacy of historical Women from the Slavic Village community and beyond!

    NEEDS: $2,172 of 2,222