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Concrete Green is a project initiated by young people dedicated to environmental and economic justice in the Bronx. We are supported by two organizations, the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition and Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice. YMPJ's purpose is to transform both the people and the physical infrastructure of blighted South Bronx neighborhoods and change the systems that negatively impact them. Founded in 1994, the mission of Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice (YMPJ) is to rebuild the neighborhoods of Bronx River and Soundview/Bruckner in the South Bronx by preparing young people to become prophetic voices for peace and justice. We accomplish this through political education, spiritual formation, and youth and community development and organizing. The Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition is known for our outstanding membership driven, social justice community organizing. For 37 years, we’ve been reclaiming abandoned buildings, birthing non-profit housing corporations & tenant associations, and building institutional campaigns linking churches, community centers, mosques & synagogues for local issues. Our mission is to win social, economic, environmental and racial justice for our families, our communities and ourselves. Sistas and Brothas United (SBU) is our youth organization.
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