Organization Name
Womyn of Color and LGBTQ Collective
About Us
The WOC Healing Arts Collective was birthed out of collaborative desire for a transformative space of creativity, liberation and healing within our communities, allowing for critical dialogue and direct action unrestrictive of oppressive forces. Through peer motivation and inspiration, we aim to establish a support network of womyn of color healers and artists manifesting economic sustainability and self-education models to empower ourselves as we initiate various projects and pursuits.
We Participate Because
In response to the economic crisis, Casa Atabex Achex has launched the Womyn of Color Healing Arts Collective to address the internalization of historical poverty and scarcity mentality that womyn of color have been subjected to, oppressed with and internalized. Casa is excited to be opening its healing space for womyn’s individual and collective economic, mental, emotional and spiritual sustainability. We are looking forward to collaborating with you to create a prosperous and abundant organization!