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Organization Name
West Harlem Empowerment Coalition
About Us
WHEC is a coalition of community leaders, concerned citizens, clergy and professionals in West Harlem who are empowering our community on a grassroots level, one block at a time. Once a month over the summer we close blocks most in need of empowerment- low income areas with issues of youth on youth violence and bring in local resources and organizations that can address the issues youth and families are facing. Legal aid, educational opportunities, job training and opportunities, affordable healthcare and screenings, voting rights, post-incarceration guidance and much more. We also engage the youth with sports on the street: basketball, soccer and a climbing wall.
We Participate Because
In 2010 we saw a troubling trend among the youth of West Harlem. Rising crime rates and homicides left our youth facing hard decisions on the street and entering the criminal justice system at an alarming rate. Many youth were returning home and the streets from incarceration and needed guidance and assistance to return to the general population. We want to create alternatives for our youth, especially during the warm summer months when crime peaks. This project provides mentorship for youth and resources and opportunities for the adults in their lives so they can focus on parenting.