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STAR Academy
About Us
STAR Academy stands for Students Taking Active Roles. We believe that children as young as 3 should be active participants in their education and school-wide community. Our programming and extracurricular activities reflect this philosophy, which we believe will encourage students to become life-long learners and active citizens. We realize that all students learn differently and it is our job to build on their strengths and determine how to best reach each student.
We Participate Because
After an extensive construction project, the STAR Academy is poised to take on the next phase of restoring our school by establishing a school garden. Our school once housed a beautiful garden where students and families were surrounded by nature. However, during the construction, the school was unable to maintain these areas. After four years, the construction has finally ended and the scaffolding has been removed showcasing a beautifully restored building. Our goal is to rebuild a green space that provides students (and their families) with opportunities to interact with their natural environment, reinforce classroom learning, and enhance activities that build upon our inclusive community spirit.