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Jeff is 100% right with this translation. Nothing in this story made him sound like a keeper. Teresa deserves better and should not settle for this guy. Yeouch!!! This one hit home for me!! Man, I thought I might have a keeper. Mine just disappeared too, and liked to talk a big game as well. Lesson learned!!! Next… Can’t give up due to one douage bag, right! Say What! Dear JM has “never, EVER heard a man express” some stinky stuff! Welllll….does THAT not prove the point! There probably is NO man of such ilk who would dare2share such sentiments with another Man! Yep–Split mesides on that one! Ms. Teresa, fret for nothing & trust JM’s wisdom in this herenow. One moonlit night when exHE is nowhere near, DearYou will have sweet smiles2share! Wow. Was Jeff’s cardinal rule ever more useful than in this case? Never. This is the most classic case ever of a guy who says pretty things but doesn’t back it up. Jeff exposes the nuances involved. All hail Jeff. The enlightenment is a treasure. All this guy does is come back whenever he wants and have a good time with you and then hurt you. He is of no good. Jeff is right, get rid of him if he comes back again. If he doesn’t, congratulations. Friend Mar is on-point! Perhaps, this fella is “mean”, designing sadistic malice! He ignores U by pretending to be busy AND tells you that. The boy’s good, but maybe mostly4not much. Call him on that by telling/explaining why such malice is hurtful and is not part of your plan 4U, 4knowing him. If U want to do a show-n-tell, arrange [rent-a-friend!] for him to see how the real ships of non-platonic LoveDoves work. You can fess up… after the fact, if it seems that He really was ignorant! If he refuses to be different-as-in-better, show him where his Curb is cut. Thenceforth, your own happiness is guaranteed! I have a simular issue, and i actually agree with Mar. I just simply believe that it’s not that they love the other woman, but they really don’t love us, no matter how much we love them. Because im sure that he even shows more on an interest to the women on the tv then he does you. So I agree in the fact that he/they should be shown the curb and choose wisely the next time.
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