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Organization Name
Roanoke Community Garden Association (RCGA)
About Us
Roanoke Community Garden Association (RCGA), founded in 2008, has a broad reach within the city of Roanoke that includes six community gardens, an urban orchard, and a host of schoolyard garden projects. RCGA serves the community by providing mainly low-income residents with access to local, fresh produce through developing community gardens in neighborhoods that are known food deserts. Serving over 500 gardeners in the city of Roanoke, RCGA also works in concert with a multitude of agencies to provide top notch education related to horticulture, diet and nutrition, and recreational opportunities to both adults and youth.
We Participate Because
Roanoke Community Garden Association was started in 2007 by Mark Powell, Roanoke native. Living in an apartment building and not having space to grow his own food, Mark came up with the idea of starting a community garden in Roanoke, VA to help people like him to grow their own food. A few flyers and meetings with interested people later, 4 backyard community gardens were started in 2008, including one in the backyard of Mark's new house. In 2009 one permanent garden was started - Frank Roupas Community Garden in SE Roanoke. In 2011 another permanent garden was added - Hurt Park Community Garden in SW Roanoke and in 2012 Campbell Ave. Community Garden was established as a collaboration between RAM house, Commonwealth Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services, RCGA and nearby residents. Mountain View Community Garden was added in 2013 and the Growing Goodwill Garden, a collaboration with Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, was founded in 2014. Roanoke Community Garden Association continues to find ways to expand and educate the community.