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Organization Name
Dr. Michael Conti School PS#5
About Us
At the Dr. Michael Conti School our motto is, "We believe we can achieve." Our vision is to ensure all children have equal access to all educational opportunities. We believe all children can and will learn. We provided a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where by all children can grow, enhance their self worth, and succeed academically. We value close ties between children, staff, parents and the community.
We Participate Because
The PS#5 Eco -Cougars wanted to tackle environmental issues affecting our community as well as raise awareness on how these issues can be addressed. Our goal is to make Jersey City a better place to live so that future generations can enjoy our beautiful city. We are currently researching water conservation and the importance of protecting our waterways. The Eco-Cougars with the help of the Rutgers Water Resource Program have identified that storm water runoff and non-point sources of pollution from our school area as well as our community are a big environmental concern. This project has given our students the opportunity to learn the importance of serving their community.