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The Prison Library Support Network (PLSN) is an information-based collective founded in 2016. Our mission is to support incarcerated people by organizing networks to share resources and building a community around prison abolition in libraries, archives, and other knowledge-based institutions. We center work that responds directly to the information needs of people who are incarcerated and the needs of library workers who provide services inside correctional facilities.
We Participate Because
The Prison Library Support Network (PLSN) is an abolitionist, volunteer-powered collective that aims to share resources and information services with incarcerated people and the library staff who serve correctional facilities in New York. While public libraries offer services to correctional facilities in NYC, they do not circulate their general collections inside jails and prisons. Instead, libraries in jails and prisons circulate books from a much smaller, more limited collection that is in dire need of new or in-demand titles. In the past two years, PLSN's book donation drives at the New York Public Library have added over a thousand in-demand books for the collections circulating Rikers. Our goal is to make sure all New Yorkers have a way to read books that they want to read regardless of interaction with the criminal justice system.