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Organization Name
Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid
About Us
Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid provides resources and community support to restaurant and hospitality workers who have lost financial, housing, food, and healthcare security. Built as a coalition of service industry workers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, our goal is to create a mutual aid network that can address the needs of workers in our industry, through this crisis and beyond, by distributing food, baby necessities, pet care items, cleaning and hygiene products, and small emergency cash grants.
We Participate Because
Our mission is focused on building community a based mutual aid network, where service industry workers can support each other with donations of food and supplies, funds, and volunteer work. In times of widespread hardship, such as the current shutdown of dine-in establishments due to COVID-19 and it's ripple effect of lost income and job provided benefits, our immediate community's resources are stretched incredibly thin. We are determined to branch out beyond restaurant workers, many of whom are in desperate need of assistance, and build a broader network of supporters through the Pittsburgh area. Working with ioby will help us expand our outreach and find new partners for financial backing, in order to meet our community's needs. It will align us with other local groups who are providing similar resources within their own communities, so that we can share networks, ideas, and strategies.