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Organization Name
Sarah Yoder
About Us
Path & Green, a non profit organization was created out of our desire to close the hygiene poverty gap by meeting the basic needs of teen girls by providing them with personal care items, clothing, and luxury items (like makeup & accessories when available). We strive to lavishly care for each girl who comes to shop at our FREE boutique. A big obstacle to providing items to those in need is a lack of accessibility. With this in mind, Path & Green's priority is to come directly to our clients. We recently purchased a truck, which we will be retrofitted into a mobile boutique. This will allow us to pull up to every high school in Lorain County where girls can come "shop" at our boutique for the items they need. Beyond meeting their basic needs, Path & Green desires to connect girls with other resources within the community to improve their lives. We want each girl to feel worthy, loved and valued. We want them to know they have a bright future full of hope ahead of them.
We Participate Because
Path and Green wanted to create real, lasting change from the ground up. We are helping and impacting the future of younger generations by providing for their basic needs. When student's basic needs are met, their performance in the classroom increases, their physical and mental health improves, and their attendance at school becomes more consistent. Besides meeting the girls basic needs, we want to show each girl they are loved, valued, and worthy. Through showing love and kindness to each girl, we believe they will see hope ahead in their future.