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One Whale's Tale
About Us
One Whale's Tale is a production company that creates, fosters, and generates new independent content internationally with an appreciation for magic and preservation of culture. We are committed to cultural representation and fair compensation.
We Participate Because
The founders of One Whale's Tale are first generation Americans who grew up deeply involved in their communities advocating for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and laborers. As such, our work seeks to amplify the stories of underrepresented voices with the aim of building awareness deepening community. When creating work, we partner with local community groups to address issues that are relevant to the neighborhoods in which the art is taking place. We also understand that in order to break the structure and diversify the arts, we must offer fair compensation and provide a living wage to all of our collaborating artists. We believe that art heals and that all people deserve to create and experience art as a way of finding catharsis.