Organization Name
Old Seaport Alliance, Inc.
About Us
The Old Seaport Alliance is a non-profit merchants' association founded in the wake of Hurricane Sandy by the businesses within the historic South Street Seaport neighborhood. Its mission is to promote local businesses, beautify and enhance the streetscape, and to enrich the unique historic seaport community through increased programming of public spaces with events, markets and more. The OSA seeks to honor the spirit of the Seaport's past while ensuring the growth and resiliency of its future.
We Participate Because
The Old Seaport community is devoted to and passionate about the historic South Street Seaport district. The seaside neighborhood is inextricably connected to the most vibrant and energetic city on the planet, boasting a rich and storied past and unrivaled charm. Yet its off-the-beaten-path location -- along with its mystery, majesty and uniqueness to New York City -- are what create the unyielding commitment to its thriving future by those who work, live and visit here every day. We imagine this passion is what drives all community projects on IOBY, and we fullheartedly support this kind of community-led effort citywide and worldwide!