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Organization Name
Hillsboro Against Racism and Discrimination
About Us
Established in 2020 by Shawn Captain, the purpose of Hillsboro Against Racism & Discrimination is to cultivate awareness, share knowledge, promote inclusivity in public institutions, and provide targeted supports for and about historically marginalized communities in rural Appalachia, including but not limited to: LGBTQIA+; Black, Brown, and Indigenous; Hispanic and Latino; Disabled; Economically Disadvantaged; Abuse Victims and Survivors; and Veterans. By organizing and leading ongoing dialogue with community members and leaders, including local school teachers and clergy, Hillsboro Against Racism & Discrimination seeks to build safe spaces for progressive dialogue that promotes increased community sensitivity and inclusion for marginalized community members. Additionally, the work of Hillsboro Against Racism & Discrimination includes the development of community spaces that promote safe, healthy engagement.
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