Organization Name
New York City Student Credit Union
About Us
Our names are Kimberly White, Eric Carlsen and Thuy Dao. We are undergraduate students in the special program called the CUNY Baccalaureate of Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies each of us studying in the areas of economic, social and environmental justice. We are the organizing team for the Brooklyn Student Credit Union (BSCU), which will be a nonprofit corporation organized as a financial institution servicing students. What makes this credit union special is that it will be student owned and operated. The credit union will be operated 100% sustainably: meaning, in a way that is socially, economically and environmentally sensitive. This will be from the way it is governed using a truly democratic and inclusive process right down to the paper and ink used in the copiers. The New York City Student Credit Union (NYCSCU), made up of the BSCU and four other credit unions servicing the other boroughs, will have as its startup primary membership New York City college students within the CUNY school system.
We Participate Because
We are committed to expanding on our own education and sharing what we learn with others about environmental issues and the various ways that people can participate in the movement to stop our global climate crisis. We believe that sustainability is attainable and manifests itself in different forms. Sustainability requires participation in local grassroots environmentally conscious efforts, but also requires dynamic societal change. Ioby provides a great platform for involving friends, family and community in just such a grassroots effort.