Organization Name
Philip B.
About Us
Nourishing Cities is a start-up worker cooperative that will offer landscape services to property owners and managers focusing on edible landscapes, greenroofs, bioremediation and other green infrastructures. As a worker cooperative our workers are also the owners, this business structure is different than the standard corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. We seek not only to enrich and nourish the communities we live and work in but to empower these communities by creating a business model that offers real opportunity for local growth. We appreciate your support as we move towards creating a business model that has significant social and economic ramifications coupled with a business plan that bids to improve the urban ecology, availability of fresh produce and encourage stronger community as well as more cooperative enterprises in the future. Our group consists of a six individuals with varied yet highly relevant backgrounds. From landscape design, book keeping, dog walking, teaching, library worker, marketing, construction management and graphic design. We are all interested in creating stronger communities through food, education and hard work. We are also dedicated to creating a stronger local economy.
We Participate Because
This fundraising effort is the first project of many by the Nourishing Cities team. In order to achieve our vision the founders will attend a sixteen week intensive Coop Academy offered by the Green Worker Cooperative. As part of this training we are raising funds for tuition. This fundraising as the first educational and team building exercise involved with the training. The class cost is $400/participant and we are raising the money collectively. The Coop Academy will help us with many different hurdles that young businesses face including create a business plan, a web site, incorporating as a legal entity, establishing our organizing structure as a coop and equip us with the tools needed to run our organization in a way that could be a model for future worker cooperatives.