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GreenHomeNYC/The New New York
About Us
The NEW New York is GreenHomeNYC’s revolutionary interpretation of the typical New York block party. Street fairs and block parties are an intrinsic part of the New York City summer experience, bringing neighborhoods together, culture to the streets, celebrations and joy to the public spaces of our city. The NEW New York re-invents this tradition to bring home — right to the front stoop — ideas for greening our built environment for the residents of the city.
We Participate Because
Streeet fairs can leave behind a very dirty footprint, straining resources and leaving behind a trail of garbage. In light of the deep sustainable commitment to a greener NYC, GreenHomeNYC has created The Green Street Festival Guidelines, a “how to” catalogue for a greener path and asking that our vendors commit to our criteria. And of course, The NEW New York will practice what it preaches: composting food waste, minimizing the use of paper, utilizing bio-fuel, and off-setting its carbon footprint.