Organization Name
Glasswing International
About Us
At Glasswing, we believe that every person has both the potential and the right to thrive, no matter what adversity they face. Throughout Latin American, where millions are born into cycles of poverty and violence, Glasswing harnesses the power of community to create a safer and more prosperous future for us all. Through grassroots, evidence-based programming and cross-sector alliances, we create opportunities for children and youth - local changemakers - to thrive. With our flexible and localized organizational structure, we are able to respond to the needs of the communities we serve with varied and innovative initiatives. We engage all community actors and stakeholders to ensure sustainable change, while fostering hope and community pride. With the support of thousands of volunteers, we provide children and youth with access to safe spaces, social and emotional skills development, and vocational opportunities in order to build resilience, foster civic participation, and rebuild social fabric from the ground up.
We Participate Because
Migrant youth and their families are experiencing intensified stresses and new traumas as our country- and the entire world- work to contain the novel coronavirus. With more and more of our migrant communities in New York City experiencing unemployment, housing insecurity, and hunger—many families are restricted to their homes and limited in their social interactions. The health, economic, and social impacts of this pandemic are going to be experienced differently by every migrant community and these experiences are going to profoundly shape the lives and educational experiences of children and youth within those communities for long after the health crisis abates. Glasswing's COVID response in New York City focuses on key areas of support, including: access to technology for remote learning, outreach to high-priority students and families and access to virtual social connections and social-emotional supports. We believe action in these areas is critical. Due to the closure of schools, opportunity and access among migrant youth are now more unequally distributed than ever. Our work in underserved populations continues to address these inequities virtually, delivering mentorship and after-school based programming to students who need it most. With the education gap widening every day due to lack of technology access at home, Glasswing aims to build the protective factors of children and youth facing extreme adversity, through trauma-informed education and health programs that: foster experiential learning; build social and emotional competencies; provide positive role models and social networks; and empower kids to be agents of change within their own communities.