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Mid South Greenways Steering Committee
About Us
The Mid South Greenways Steering Committee is a voluntary ad hoc group of parks, greenways, and open space stakeholders from throughout the region. The Steering Committee is the only neutral convener in the region for green infrastructure development and boasts a strong history of collaboration and communication across jurisdictional boundaries. At the 2009 Urban Land Institute Memphis forum "Exploring the Transformative Roles of Greenways," Mid South regional greenways, parks, and open space stakeholders acknowledged that greenways are more than just recreational trails. They are engines of change that provide an array of enticing economic benefits, support environmental revitalization, promote healthy behaviors, and can connect our multi-state community. This consensus provided the spark needed to bring the Steering Committee together, and prompted a commitment to meet regularly in pursuit of a common mission: to unite stakeholder voices and strengthen their efforts to advance integrated greenways development in the Mid South. Our member organizations come from all facets of parks, greenways, open space and other green infrastructure development efforts and represent some of the Mid South's best in design firms, municipalities, businesses and economic development groups, and nonprofit conservancies. We emphasize the physical and social connections needed for successful green infrastructure development, and we are dedicated to a vision of a regionally interconnected system of greenways, blueways, bike lanes, parks, trails, wilderness areas, working lands, and open space to enhance quality of life in the Mid South
We Participate Because
Mid South Greenways seeks to support and enhance the work of our member organizations. Our member organizations seek to better our community through the promotion of greenspace conservation, active living, and trail development. Ioby is able to bring new audiences to support these efforts making our region a better place to live.