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Leah Lewis
About Us
Little Lumpy's Center for Educational Initiatives: Arts, Culture, Learning, Literacy & Technology is an arts, culture, and educational organization that serves to: 1) Use a multi-faceted literacy platform to develop public-private partnerships that support artistic, cultural, academic, vocational, professional, and entrepreneurial pursuits; 2) Enhance the artistic and cultural educational experiences of aspiring, budding, and seasoned artists through culturally relevant and innovative curriculum and instruction using the leading-edge scholarship, practical insights, and technology; 3) Support vocational, academic, and entrepreneurial pursuits of engaged artists; and 4) Foster workforce development and incubate talent, particularly, in the arts, culture, and tech fields (for example, in Animation, Computer, and Digital Sciences). Little Lumpy’s Center carries out this mission through conferences, workshops, seminars, classes, lectures, and performances by and for adults and children, particularly from underfunded communities subjected to historical systemic oppression like the African American community. Little Lumpy’s Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts throughout Northeast Ohio and the Great Lakes Region. Historically, Little Lumpy’s Center has been funded in part by the Cleveland Foundation, the Heinz Endowments, the Dominion Energy Foundation, the Saint Luke’s Foundation, Assembly for the Arts, and others.
We Participate Because
Little Lumpy's Center is a 501-c-3 grounded in service to our community.