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Leni Stoeva
Leni Stoeva is a Creative Placemaker for Soulsville, USA and a digital media artist. Born in Bulgaria and raised in Memphis, TN, she works on programming art related events in the area as well as social and historical neighborhood activities in the soon to be music district that is Soulsville, USA. Memphis Slim’s house, located across the street from Stax Museum of American Soul Music has now been redeveloped and re-imagined by Community LIFT, so that future generations of Soulsville musicians will have a place to gather, rehearase, learn and create legendary music once again.
I Participate Because
At the busy intersection of Mc- Lemore and College Street, community members gather in harsh climates to wait for the bus without a place to sit and without protection from the extreme weather often experienced in Memphis. The design challenge is for a creative integrated bus stop shelter. The site is a 12’X 40’ strip of grass adjacent to Stax Museums east elevation. Entries should envision and create a shelter that embodies the character of Soulsville and responds to the adjacent context of Stax Museum and the Memphis Slim Collaboratory.