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Organization Name
The Essence of Jayce
About Us
To provide afterschool and weekend recreational, instructional physical, social, behavioral, and emotional support activities in Bedford- Stuyvesant/Ocean Hill Communities for children with special needs. These activities will provide these young children the tools to have a quality of life enriched with acknowledgment and recognition that they are a resourceful group of young people who will grow up to be adults, making essential contributions to our society and way of living. We will use multiple measures to identify each child's needs and provide a safe, inclusive, supportive environment, therapeutic intervention services, and community acceptance. THE ESSENCE OF JAYCE is a community-based non -profit organization in Brooklyn providing one-to-one and small group support helping children and young adults with physical and cognitive challenges find a place of belonging. We help build a community with local families by providing enriching recreational, engaging social and skill-building activities for their loved ones, bridging families through similar experiences while forging bonds and community at no cost to their families and caregivers. We believe no child should miss out on the benefits of sports and physical activity. Our sessions give each child a chance to play games, make friends, and, most importantly, have fun
We Participate Because
We support by giving back to children with special needs.