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Organization Name
Sixth Street Community Center
About Us
Sixth Street Community Center is a community-based not-for-profit organization founded in 1978 and committed to advancing social, environmental, housing, economic and racial justice in the East Village and Lower East Side community. We believe that people of all backgrounds and incomes in New York City have the right to a safe, clean, and healthy environment. Our mission is as follows: 1. Provide emergency services and act as an emergency hub in response to community crises around extreme weather, food shortages and economic insecurity. 2. Expand food access and affordability of fresh, organic, locally farmed foods to neighborhood families through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program. 3. Educate youth about equitable urban living, sustainable urban agriculture and climate justice empowering them to become active and engaged climate leaders. 4. Engage our diverse community through outreach and organizing on environmental justice campaigns and advocate for community-led solutions.
We Participate Because
At the onset of the COVID19 crisis- Sixth Street Community Center (SSCC) pivoted their work to address the pressing needs that emerged in our LES community. Our emergency response included organizing and launching an emergency food distribution out of our center, which we have been running weekly since April 2020. Since we launched our community food distribution, we have served over 20,000 households in the LES. Right now we rely heavily on food donations to supply our distribution and PPP funding to sustain our staff, but due to overwhelming demands our food donors aren't able to commit to supporting our food relief work and due to our finite supply of PPP funds, we are not sure we can sustain staffing this program for the long haul. Sixth Street Community Center is raising money to ensure we can continue this work which we know is essential for supporting our community members' needs. We would use the money raised to support our organizations' efforts and to buy food for distributions when we cannot secure food donations. Sixth Street Community Center is homebase for EV Loves NYC as well as other mutual aid groups. Our partnerships with them provide free space in our center's kitchen facilities for cooking prepared meals that go out to thousands of New Yorkers each week. Use of our facilities comes as a cost out of pocket for SSCC, as we have utilities, mortgage and insurance costs. Funding for SSCC will ensure that we can not only continue to feed families through our emergency food distribution but also continue to provide free space to our mutual aid partners like EV Loves NYC so we can expand our essential work of combatting food insecurity.