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Edgardo A.
About Us
Many interpreters and translators have been discussing social justice interpreting in New York City for some time now; a core group of women of color decided to get together and begin visioning and planning for the creation of our Interpreter and Translator Coop. The core group is composed of the following women: Ana del Rocío, Karen Lopez and Telesh Lopez. The three of us have worked, supported and are invested in social justice. We’ve worked with social justice groups around the city and the country in various capacities. Therefore our commitment to providing this service is deeply connected to building a strong and diverse social justice movement which is inclusive of all our voices. Today we are asking you to support us in making this happen. With your support we will develop a coop that is conscious, committed and will provide quality interpretation services for the long term. Our commitment is that this cooperative will be a source of training and sustainability for all those in the social justice community that would like to become interpreters.
We Participate Because
We are participating in Green Worker Cooperatives' Coop Academy, a 16-week training and support program for cooperative entrepreneurs. The Coop Academy is designed to provide teams of entrepreneurs with the training, coaching, and technical services that can dramatically increase our cooperative's chances for success and produce model worker-owned businesses. We are very excited about this opportunity but need your support to pay for the full academy. We need to raise $1,296 by Feb. 15, 2012 in order to participate in the academy. Many of you work at or know about organizations with members that speak different languages. These organizations need interpretation and translation in order to reach more folks in their communities and to be truly accessible and inclusive. Some of you have contracted us, witnessed our work and know that we are committed to it. So please take a moment to support our work.